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Shibuya Makuhari Weekly News

(The 1st Term 2000)

Shibuya Makuhari Weekly News
Summer Vacation
From July 26 to 31
Sr.3: Study Camp in Lake Yamanaka
From August 24 to 30
Second Supplementary Classes
Thursday, August 31
Teachers' study meeting
From July 17
Monday, July 17
Sr.2: Special Opera for high school students
                (in New National Theatre, Tokyo)
Wednesday, July 19
Closing Ceremony
Thursday, July 20
National Holiday
From July 21 to 31
First Supplementary Classes
From July 10
Monday, July 10
Term Examinations (4th Day)
Tuesday, July 11
Term Examinations (3rd Day)
Wednesday, July 12
Self-study at home
Thursday, July 13
Test Return Day
Jr.2 and 3: Lecture about Vicious Business
 ( from 14:00, in the auditorium)
Saturday, July 15
Parents Meeting in Narita and Uchibo-Sotobo Area
 ( G and H districts together)
 ( from 13:00, in Lecture Hall)
From July 3
Thursday, July 6
Term Examinations (1st Day)
Admission Test for transferring students and returnees
Friday, July 7
Term Examinations (2nd Day)
Saturday, July 8
Parents Meeting in Narita Area(G district)
 :Postponed to Saturday, July 15
From June 26
Tuesday, June 27
Sr.: Election of Student Council
Wednesday, June 28
Jr.: Campaign Speeches by Candidates for Student Council
 ( in the 7th period, in the auditorium)
Thursday, June 29
Fresh Concert
 ( in the 6th period, in the auditorium)
Friday, June 30
Jr.: Election of Student Council
Saturday, July 1
Parents Meeting in Chiba Area (F district)
 ( from 12:30 to 14:30, in Hotel Springs)
From June 19
Tuesday, June 20
Sr.: Campaign Speeches by Candidates for Student Council (at lunch time, in the light court)
Chat with Shibuya Makuhari Senior High School in Singapore through the Internet
 Subject: Everyday Life of the 3rd year students and
                            College Exams

 ( from 17:00, in the computer room)

Wednesday, June 24
Sr.: Election of Student Council
Sunday, June 25
Regular Concert of the Brass Band
 ( from 14:00 to 16:00, in the auditorium)
 Link to "The 16th Regular Concert of the Brass Band"
From June 12
Wednesday, June 14
Jr.: General Meeting of the Student Council
 (5th and 6th periods, in the auditorium)
Sr.1: Orientation for "Self-thinking, Self-awareness" thesis (7th period, in each class)
Thursday, June 15
Prefectural Holiday
Saturday, June 17
Parents Meeting in Tokyo Area (A district)
 (from 13:30 to 15:30, in the lecture hall)
Course in Internet for parents (after school)
Sunday, June 18
Examination in Practical English
 (2nd, pre-2nd, and 3rd grades: at school)
Parents Meeting in Funabashi Area (C district)
 (from 13:30 to 15:30, in the lecture hall)  
From June 5
Tuesday, June 6
Student Teacher Practice and Observation
 (until June 19)
Wednesday, June 7
Parents Meeting in Kashiwa Area (B district)
 ( at Kenmin Plaza Kashiwa, from 9:00 to 11:30)
Guidance for Higher Education Meeting
 ( for Sr.2 and 3 parents, in the auditorium, from 13:30
Guidance for School Excursion Meeting
 ( for Sr.2 parents, in the lecture hall, from 15:00)
Sr.2:Parents' Meeting ( in each class)
Thursday, June 8
Lecture about Stopping Drug Abuse
 (in the 7th period, for Jr.2 and 3 students and parents, in the auditorium)
Saturday, June 10
Parents Meeting in Narashino Area (E district)
 ( in the lecture hall, from 10:00 to 12:00)
Parents Meeting in Ichikawa Area (D district)
 ( at Minami-Gyotoku Citizens' Center, from 13:00 to 15:30)
From May 29
Tuesday, May 30
Jr.: Lecture of Bunraku, Japanese Classical Puppet
(6th and 7th periods)
Wednesday, May 31
Sr.1: Orientation for "Self-thinking, Self-awareness" thesis (7th period)
Thursday, June 1
Sports Festival
Friday, June 2
Sports Festival

Pictures of Sports Festival

Opening Ceremony

Piggy back fight

Saturday, June 3
Sr.1: Special kabuki lecture and show for high school students
(in the National Theater)

Pictures of Kabuki

In front of the National Theater

Waiting for the opening

From May 22
From May 23 to 25
Jr: Midterm Examinations
From May 24 to 26
Sr: Midterm Examinations
Friday, May 26
Jr: One-Day School Excursion
 (Jr.1: Noda Jr.2: Kamakura Jr.3: Ueno)

Pictures of the School Excurtion

 At Kikkoman Japanese Traditional
Soysauce Factory in Noda

 Inside Big Buddha in Kamakura

 In front of the National Museum in Ueno

From May 15
May 15 and 17
Jr.1 and 2: Tuberculin-reaction test / BCG
From May 8
Monday, May 8
Sr.3 : Parent-teacher conferences start.
Tuesday, May 9
Sr.1:X-ray examination
 (in the afternoon)
Wednesday, May 10
Memorial concert
 (in the school auditorium)

Pictures of the memorial concert

Operetta "Poet and Peasant" Suppe
Symphony No.9 "From the New World" 4th movement
Strings, woodwind, brass and percussion ensembles
Piano Concerto F minor Op.21 1st movement Chopin
Hungarian Dance No.1 Brahms
Titanic Medley James Horner

Thursday, May 11
Clean-up Day
Friday, May 12
Open class for parents' day
Jr.1: Parents and teachers' meeting
 (from 15:10) 
Course in Internet for parents
 (after school)

Pictures of the course in Internet for parents

Saturday, May 13
Student meeting (3rd and 4th periods)
Jr.2: Parents and teachers' meeting
 (from 13:20) 
Jr.3: Parents and teachers' meeting
 (from 13:50) 

From May 1 Monday, May 1
Sr.1: Parents and teachers' meeting
 (from 14:30 to 16:30)
Tuesday, May 2
Sr.2: Walking Tour
Yachiyo Sogo Undo Koen Park~ Hanamigawa Cycling Course~ Chiba Marine Stadium
Wednesday, May 3
Constitution Memorial Day
Thursday, May 4
National Holiday
Friday, May 5
Children's Day
Saturday, May 6
Make-up Holiday
From April 24 Monday, April 24
Jr.1 and Sr.2: Physical checkup
Senior High: Meetings of student committees
 (after school) 
Tuesday, April 25
Sr.1: Electrocardiogram
Wednesday, April 26
Junior High: Meetings of student committees
 (after school)
Jr.2 and 3: Physical checkup
Thursday, April 27
Sr.3: Parents and teachers' meeting
 (from 14:30 to 16:30)
The attestation ceremony of scholarship students
 (from 16:30)
Friday, April 28
Sr.1 and Sr.2: Physical checkup
Saturday, April 29
Arbor Day (national holiday)
From April 17 Monday, April 17
Exchange students from New Zealand arrived.
 Mr. Evan PHILLIPSON and Mr. Kerry MORROW
Tuesday, April 18
Jr.1: Electrocardiogram
Thursday, April 19
Junior and Senior High: Dental checkup
Friday, April 20
 Sr.2 and 3: Physical checkup
From April 10 Monday, April 10
Jr.1 and Sr.1: Orientation
Jr.2 and 3, Sr.2 and 3: Orientation / Classes start. 
Tuesday, April 11
Jr.1 and Sr.1: Orientation
Welcome Meeting of the student council
  (5th to 7th period,Senior High)
Wednesday, April 12
Jr.1: Orientation
Sr.1: Orientation / Classes start.
Welcome Meeting of the student council
  (4th to 6th period, Junior High)

Pictures of Welcome Meeting of the student council

From April 3 Thursday, April 6
The Opening Ceremony
(Junior High: from 8:50, Senior High: from 9:45)

Pictures of The Opening Ceremony

Friday, April 7
The Entrance Ceremony
(Junior High: from 10:20, Senior High: from 13:20)

Pictures of The Entrance Ceremony

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