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Shibuya Makuhari Weekly News

(The 2nd Term 2000)

Shibuya Makuhari Weekly News
December 18

December 18 to 21
Self-study at home
Thursday, December 21
Teachers meeting for discussion of grades
Friday, December 22
Closing Ceremony
Clean-up Day
School Newspaper "Enju" No.140

Pictures of Closing Ceremony and Pep Rally

Let's cheer for our soccer team!!

the awarding of prizes to students for their club activities during the second term

the principle's supporting speech

the banner from the alumni of the soccer club

December 11

December 11 to 14
Term Examinations
Tuesday, December 12
Sr.2: Parents Meeting (from 13:00, in the lecture hall)
Thursday, December 14
Jr.3: Mock trial
 (in the lecture hall)

Pictures of the mock trial

Guilty or not guilty?

Friday, December 15
Self-study at home
Saturday, December 16
Test Return Day
December 4

Friday, December 8
Cheerleading club was on TV  NHK BS-2 "Fruit Sundae"
November 27

Wednesday, November 29
J.H.S.: Ball Game Festival
 (all day, at the playground, gymnasiums, and tennis courts)

<Pictures of Ball Game Festival >

Hurray! (Dodge ball) 

 Exciting soccer game!

November 20

Monday, November 20
School Newspaper "Enju" No.139
Wednesday, November 22
Open Class for parents' day
Guidance for Homestay Program in New Zealand
 (Jr.3 and the parents, from 15:20, in the auditorium)
Saturday, November 25
Jr.H.S.: FORUM Creativity in the 21st Century with Nobel Laureates
Message to younger Generations-A dialogue between Nobel Laureates and Students
 (from 13:30, in the auditorium)
Lecturers: Mr. Kenzaburo Oe, Professor Harold Kroto

Picture of FORUM

Waiting for the Nobel Laureates

November 13

Wednesday, November 15
Sr.1: Lecture about taxes
 (Classes C, D, F, and H, in the 7th period, in the lecture hall)
Friday, November 17
The chorus club was on the radio.(NHK radio 2, from 10:05 to 10:20)
Repeat: NHK-FM, from 5:40 to 5:55 a.m. on Saturday, November 25
Saturday, November 18
Jr.1: Parents and teachers' Meeting
 (from 13:30, in the auditorium and each class)
Sunday, November 19
Parents Meeting in Uchibo-Sotobo Area (H district)
 (from 13:00, in the lecture hall)
November 6

Monday, November 6
Parents Meeting in Tokyo Area (A district)
 (from 13:30, in the lecture hall)
Tuesday, November 7
Jr.2: Lecture about Energy by Tokyo Electric Power Company
 (in the industrial arts room)
Wednesday, November 8
Sr.1: Lecture about taxes
 (Classes A, B, E, and G, in the 7th period, in the lecture hall)

A picture of the lecture about taxes

 Listening to the lecture intently

Friday, November 10
Parents Meeting in Narashino Area (E district)
 (from 10:00, in the lecture hall)
Clean-up Day
Saturday, November 11
S.H.S: Explanation of entrance examinations
 (from 9:00, in the auditorium)
Parents Meeting in Ichikawa Area (D district)
 (from 13:00, in Ichikawa public hall)

October 30

Friday, November 3
Culture Day
Saturday, November 4
Substitute day-off(change for "Forum" with Nobel prize winners on November 25)
Sunday, November 5
Parents Meeting in Chiba Area (F district)
(from 10:00, in the lecture hall)

The school's soccer team won all Chiba prefectural soccer tournament. Next, the team will play all Japan high school soccer tournament.

October 23

Tuesday, October 24
Sr.2: The last day of the 1st group of School Excursion
Jr.1,2,3 Sr.1: The last day of School Excursion
Wednesday, October 25
Sr.2: The last day of the 2nd group of School Excursion
Thursday, October 26
Parents Meeting in Funabashi Area (C district)
(from 13:00, in the lecture hall)
Saturday, October 28
J.H.S: Explanation of entrance examinations
(from 9:00, in the auditorium)

Pictures of School Excursions

Jr.1: Outdoor cooking in Tateyama

Jr.2: Making Warauma, a straw horse, in Kiso

Jr.3: In front of the five-storied tower of Murou-ji Temple in Nara

Sr.1: In front of Hiroshima Castle in Hiroshima

Sr.2: Beijing Zoo in China 

Sr.2: In front of Huis Ten Bosch in Kyusyu

October 16

Wednesday, October 18
Concert with old Japanese instruments in Kamihanawa (for J.H.S. students' and S.H.S. returnees' parents)
Thursday, October 19 to 24
Sr.2: The 1st group of School Excursion to China or Kyusyu
Friday, October 20 to 25
Sr.2: The 2nd group of School Excursion to China
Saturday, October 21 to 24
Jr.3: School Excursion to Nara
Sunday, October 22 to 24
Jr.1: School Excursion to Tateyama
Jr.2: School Excursion to Kiso
Sr.1: School Excursion to Hiroshima
October 9

Tuesday, October 10
Jr.H.S.: Special Bunraku lecture and show
(5th and 6th periods, in the auditorium)

<Special Bunraku lecture and show>

From October 11 to 13
Midterm Examinations

October 2

Monday, October 2
Student teacher practice and observations end
Friday, October 6
Mr. Joe Moriguchi appears on the NHK science educational program
Saturday, October 7
The attestation ceremony of the student council
School newspaper "Enju" #138
September 25

Friday, September 29
Farewell Function ( in the auditorium, in the 6th period)

Picture of the Farewell Function

Saturday, September 30
Course in Internet for parents
 ( in the computer room, after school)

Pictures of the course in Internet for parents

Farewell Party with the host families
 ( in the hall of J.H.S., after school)

September 18

Tuesday, September 19
Arrival of the students and teachers from New Zealand

  Students from New Zealand

Wednesday, September 20
Jr.H.S.: Welcoming Function (1st period in the auditorium)
Friday, September 22
Clean-up Day                      

September 11

Tuesday, September 12
Preparation for the cultural festival (all day)
Wednesday, September 13
Preparation for the cultural festival (all day)
Thursday, September 14
Cultural Festival "Enju-sai"(for Makuhari students)
Friday, September 15
Cultural Festival "Enju-sai" (open to the public)

pictures of the cultural festival

Exhibition of a senior high school class

Exhibition of "self-thinking self-awareness" thesis

Exhibition of the chemistry club

Multimedia Room

The hall of the junior high school

The concert of the chamber music club

Saturday, September 16
a compensatory day off

September 4

Monday, September 4
Jr.H.S. 1,2,3 Sr.H.S. 1,2: Assignment Check Test
Sr.H.S. 3: Academic Achievement Test
September 1

Saturday, September 2
Opening Ceremony (Jr.: 1st period Sr.: 2nd period)
Jr.H.S. 1,2,3 Sr.H.S. 1,2: Assignment Check Test (3rd and 4th period)
Sr.H.S. 3: Academic Achievement Test (3rd and 4th period)

Picture of the Opening Ceremony

Principle's speech and the awarding of prizes to students for their club activities during summer vacation

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