Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

Shibuya Makuhari Weekly News

(The 1st Term 2001)

Shibuya Makuhari Weekly News
Summer Vation
July 22, Sunday
Homestay group departs for Oregon.

July 27, Friday
Jr.: One-day science excursion(Ueno:National Science Museum)

August 1, Wednesday
Jr.: One-day civics excursion(the Diet Building/the Yomiuri Shimbun)
Jr.: One-day geography excursion(the British Embassy)

August 8, Wednesday
One-day history excursion(Sakura:National History Museum)

August 13, Monday
Homestay group returns.

Augusy 23, Thursday
Second supplementary classes(from August 23 to August 29)

August 25, Saturday and August 26, SundayIT course for parents, No.2 (in the multimedia room)

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We have summer vacation during August.

July 16th

July 17, Tuesday
Sr.2: Special Opera for high school students


Students waiting for the performance. 

July 19, Thursday
Closing Ceremony
Clean-up Day
Graduation Ceremony for students who studied abroad.

      Closing Ceremony
       Pep Rally

July 20, Friday
National Holiday

July 21, Saturday
First Supplementary Classes (from July 21 to 31)

July 21, Saturday July 22, Sunday
IT Course for parents, No.1

July 9
July 9, Monday
Term Examinations (3rd Day)

July 10,Tuesday
Term Examinations (4th Day)
Guidance and Ceremony for homestay program in Oregon

Celebrating the establishment
of Oregon homestay group.

July 12, Thursday
Test Return Day
General Meeting of Parent-Teacher Association
       (10:00〜 in the lecture hall)
Special Lecture for parents
       (10:30〜 in the lecture hall)
"Moronobu Hishikawa, a great Ukiyoe artist Chiba has ever produced."
※Mr. Tadashi Ogawa, the director of Chiba City Museum of Art, gave the lecture.

July 14, Saturday
Extra Curricular Foreign Language Courses

July 2
July 4, Wednesday
Jr.: Campaign Speeches by Candidates for Student Council
(during 7th period, at the auditorium)
Election of Student Council

      Addressing the audience.
   Voting in the hall.

July 5, Thursday
All classes use Friday schedule

July 6, Friday
Term Examinations (1st Day)
Admission Test for transferring students and returnees

July 7, Saturday
Term Examinations (2nd Day)
Jr.3: Parent-Teacher Conference, Orientation for New Zealand Trip

June 25
June 28, Thursday
Chat with Shibuya Makuhari Senior High School in Singapore
through the Internet
      Students enjoy "Chatting" on the Net with students of
      our sister school in Singapore.
      (at the computer room)                

Students enjoy chatting with
"Sin-Maku" students, the nickname
for the school in Singapore.

June 29, Friday

Sr.3: Academic Achievement Test
Announcement of schedule for term examinations.
No club activities from today until the exams end.
June 30, Saturday
Extra Curricular Foreign Language Courses

June 18
June 18, Monday
The last day of the Student Teacher Practice Observation

June 20, Wednesday
Sr.: Campaign Speeches by Candidates for Student Council

Sr.1: Career Guidance: Presentation by a Certified Public Accountant (7th period, at the auditorium)
  High school 1st year students learned about the profession of CPA through the lecture by a CPA in active service.       

Exciting opportunity to learn more
about becoming a CPA.

June 21, Thursday
Sr.: Election of Student Council

June 23, Saturday
Extra curricular foreign language courses

June 24, Sunday
Regular Concert of the Brass Band
      (from 14:00 to 16:00, at the auditorium)
June 11

June 13, Wednesday
All classes use Friday schedule
June 14, Thursday
Clean-Up Day
Jr.: The General Meeting of the Student Council
Sr.: Special Lecture of Biology by a Professor of Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science

 High school students taking
the special lecture of biology.

June 15, Friday
Prefectural Day

June 4

June 5, Tuesday
Student Teacher Practice and Observation
June 6, Wednesday
Jr.2: Parent-Teacher Conference
Jr.3: Parent-Teacher Conference, Orientation for New Zealand Trip
2 exchange students from Singapore are visiting our high school.
June 9, Saturday
Guidance for Higher Education Meeting (for Sr.2 and 3 parents)
Sr.1 : Special Kabuki Lecture and Show at the National Theater.  

Inside the National Theater

May 28
May 30, Wednesday
Opening Ceremony of Extracurricular Courses for Foreign Languages  

Introducing lecturers
June 1, Friday
Sports Festival, Day 1
June 2, Saturday
Sports Festival, Day 2

Please click icons below. You can see some pictures of our sports festival.

Day 1, Water Polo
Day 2, Piggy Back Fight
Students enjoy exciting events.

May 21
May 23, Wednesday
Mid-term Examinations, Day 1

May 24, Thursday
Mid-term Examinations, Day 2

May 25, Friday
Mid-term Examinations, Day 3

May 26, Saturday
One-Day School Excursion
 Jr.1: Noda Jr.2: Kamakura
Sr.3: Preliminary Entrance Examination for Admission to Colleges and Universities       

Big Buddha in Kamakura

May 14
Monday, May 14
Jr.1 and 2: Tuberculin test

Wednesday, May 16
Jr.1 and 2: Result of tuberculin test, BCG vaccination
Sr.1: Parent-Teacher Conference

The roses have started to bloom in front of the auditorium.

May 7
Wednesday, May 9
Sr.: The General Meeting of the Students Council

Thursday, May 10
Clean-up Day

Friday, May 11
Open School
Course in the Internet for Parents (at the multimedia room)      

Saturday, May 12
Memorial Concert
Smetana: Symphonic Poem, from "My Fatherland"
      - the Moldau -
Mozart: Symphony No.41 in C major, K.551 "Jupiter"
Ensemble of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussions
Tchaikovsky: Concerto in D for Violin and Orchestra Op.35
Hooked On Tchaikovsky



 "Concerto for Violin"
performed by a Makuhari student
with the Chiba New Philharmonic Orchestra

April 30
Monday, April 30
Substitute Holiday

Wednesday,  May 2

Sr.1: Orientation for "Self-thinking, Self-awareness" thesis

Thursday, May 3
Constitution Memorial Day

Friday, May 4
The National Holiday

Saturday, May 5
Children's Day
April 23
Monday, April 23
Sr.1: Physical checkup

Tuesday, April 24
The attestation ceremony of scholarship students

Wednesday, April 25
Sr.1: Orientation for "Self-thinking, Self-awareness" thesis




 Students attending the orientation
 for their "thesis"

April 16
Monday, April 16
Sr.3: Academic Achievement Test
Jr.1 and 3: Physical checkup

Wednesday, April 18
Jr.2 and Sr.1: Physical checkup
Special Performance for the New Students of Drama Club (in the auditorium)




 Performance of Drama Club
  "Until You Get It"

Thursday, April 19
Dental checkup

Saturday, April 21
Physical checkup, X-ray examination, Electrocardiogram
Sr.: Guidance for Homestay Program in Oregon (in the lecture hall)
Course in Internet for parents (in the multimedia room)

Enjoying Net Surfing  

April 10
Monday, April 9
Jr.1 and Sr.1: Orientation
Jr.2, 3, Sr.2 and 3: Classes start
Tuesday, April 10
Sr.1: Classes start
Sr.: Welcome Meeting of the Student Council
  (5th to 7th period)
Wednesday, April 11
Jr.: Welcome Meeting of the Student Council
  (5th to 7th period)
Thurday, April 12
Jr.1: Classes start
Friday, April 13
April 6

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Friday, April 6
Opening Ceremony

<Pictures of the Opening Ceremony>

the principal's speech

introducing new teachers

Saturday, April 7
Entrance Ceremony

<Pictures of the Entrance Ceremony>

the principal's speech

performance of the chamber music club

taking pictures under cherry trees

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