Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

Shibuya Makuhari Weekly News

(The 2nd Term 2001)

Shibuya Makuhari Weekly News
December 3rd

Tuesday, December 4
One week before the term exams.
       No club activities until the exams end.

Left: Studying in self-thinking self-awareness room.

Right: Students studying in the classroom.

Wednesday, December 5
Jr.3: The rehearsal of the Mock Trial(after school)

November 26th

Wednesday, November 28
Jr.3: Orientation for Homestay Program in New Zealand
(7th period, in the auditorium)
November 19

Wednesday, November 21
Sr.1: Orientation for the courses and elective subjects (for parents) (from 15:10, at the Lecture Room)
       About 200 parents attended the orientation.

     A picture of the orientation

November 12th

Monday, November 12
Special Lecture of Science(3rd and 4th period, in the auditorium)
  Lecturer: Ms. Keiko Nakamura,
  Deputy Director General of the JT Biohistory Research Hall 
  Subject: Map of Human Characteristics in Genomes

Tuesday, November 13
Special Lecture by Mr. Kenzaburo Oe
    Lecture (from 13:00, in the Lecture Room)
    Subject: Read, Write, and Live
    Discussion (From 15:00, at Seminar 6)

Left:A picture of the lecture

Right:A picture of the discussion

Wednesday, November 14
open School (all day)
Course in Internet for Parents
        (From 15:40 at the Multimedia Room)
Orientaion for the homestay program in Britain
        (From 16:00, at Seminar 4)

November 5

Wednesday, November 7
Sr.1: Orientation for the courses and elective subjects
(7th period, at the Lecture Room)
Special Lecture for parents: How we can support our students?
(from 15:00, in the Auditorium)

      Picture of the lecture

      Picture of the orientation

Saturday, November 10
S.H.S.: Explantaion of Entrance Examinations

<One of our alumnie>
 Takahiro Terachi(the 13th graduating class) 
    All Japan Tennis Championship Tournament 

He won the singles title!!
Ocotober 29

Monday, October 29
Introduction to the Nikkei Stock League
(from 12:30 in computer room)

Thursday, November 1
Visitors from Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Students having a potluck party for a New Zealnad couple.
They took care of Makuhari students in New Zealand last March.
(at lunch time in Seminar 6)

Friday, November 2
Special Lecture of Biology: Cloning and Gene Manipulation
 by a Professor of Tokyo University Pharmacy and Life Science.
              (in Biology Room 2)

FORUM with Nobel Laureates....."One Year Has Passed Since Then"
Students Meet Mr.Oe Again After One Year
      Tuesday, November 13, in the Lecture Room

October 22nd

Wednesday, October 24
Mid-Term Examinations (1st Day)

Thursday, October 25
Mid-Term Examinations (2nd Day)

Friday, October 26
Mid-Term Examinations (3rd Day)

Saturday, October 27
J.H.S.: Explanation of Entrance Examination
Ocotober 15th

Monday, Ocotober 15
Jr.1,2,3 and Sr.1,2: Holiday in lieu
Sr.3: Ball Game Festival

Tuesday, October 16
All classes use Monday schedule

Sunday, Ocotober 21
English Certification test No.2
Ocotober 8th

Monday, October 8
Health Sports Day
Sr.2:The 1st group of School Excursion to China or Kyushu
            (from October 8 to 13)

Tuesday, Ocotober 9
Sr.2: The 2nd group of School Excursion to China
            (from Ocotober 9 to 14)

Sr.3: Proficiency Test (in the afternoon)

Wednesday, Ocotober 10
Sr.3: Proficiency Test (in the afternoon)

Thursday, October 11 to 14
Jr.3:School Excursion to Nara

Friday, October 12 to 14
Jr.1: School Excursion to Minami-Boso
Jr.2: School Excursion to Kiso     
Please click this icon. You can enjoy our photo gallery of the school excursions.
Ocotober 1st

Monday, Ocotober 1
School Crossing Safety Campaign
   Teachers check students at the major school crossings to insure student safety.

Tuesday, Ocotober 2
Special Lecture of Biology: Human Genome
 by a Professor of Tokyo University Pharmacy and Life Science. 

      a picture of Special lecture

Friday, Ocober 5
Sr.2: The Ceremony for School Excursion to China, 6th period.
The Ceremony for School Excursions, 7th period.
Jr.3: to Nara
Jr.1: to Kamogawa
Jr.2: to Kiso
Sr.1: to Hiroshima

September 24

Monday, September 24
Holiday in lieu

Tuesday, September 25
Monday schedule

Friday, September 28
Farewell Function for New Zealand students
      (7th period at the auditorium)

      Certificate presentaion

<Exchange students from Canada>
       Two exchange students from Canada join our high school class 1-A and 2-G.

Saturday, September 29
Sayonara Party for New Zealand students.

September 17

Monday, September 17
Holiday in lieu

Tuesday, September 18
New Zealnad students arrive.
  NZ students homestay with Makuhari students and enjoy
  sightseeing during their 2 week stay.

      Inter-mingling with host families

Wednesday, September 19
Welcome Function for New Zealand students.(at the auditorium)
Student-Teacher Training Session 2 starts.

      Great performance
                      by New Zealand students

September 10

Tuesday, September 11
All the classes are cancelled due to Typhoon No.15.

      The damaged wisteria trellis. 

Wednesday, September 12
Preparation for the cultural festival (all day)

Thursday, September 13
Preparation for the cultural festival (all day)

Friday, September 14
Cultural Festival "Enju-sai" (for Makuhari students)

Returnee students' parents and teachers meeting

Saturday, September 15
Cultural Festival "Enju-sai" (open to the public)

      More than 7,000 people visited us.

       Please click this icon and visit our photo gallery.

September 3rd

Monday,September 3
Jr.1,2,3 Sr.1,2: Summer Assignment Check Test
Sr.3: Regular classes start.

     The 1st test of the 2nd term

Tuesday, September 4
Sr.3: Regular classes start.

September 1st

Saturday, September 1
Opening Ceremony

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