Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

〜  The 2nd Term, 2002  〜
December 16th
Monday, December 16
Test Return Day

Wednesday, December 18
Jr.3: Mock Trial(from 9:30, in the Lecture Hall)

14 lawyers of Tokyo Bar Association came to our school to support students' mock trial.  

弁護士の先生紹介 判決の場面 Pictures of Mock Trial

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Saturday, December 21
Closing Ceremony(JHS: from 10:30, SHS: from 11:15)

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !!

〜 We have winter break until the 3rd term starts.

December 9th
Tuesday, December 10 to 13
Term Examinations
Examinations for admission into our junior high school

Friday, December 13
SHS: Orientation for the homestay program in England (from 12:30, in the seminar 3)

Jr.2: Orientation for the ski trip (3rd period in the auditorium)

JHS: Special Lecture for parents(From 13:00, in the auditorium)

スキー説明会  Orientation for ski trip
We had a meeting for our annual ski trip to Shiga-Kogen. 

223 junior high school 2nd year students will join this trip.

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進路説明会  Special Lecture for parents
Many parents attended this lecture, although it was held weekday.

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Saturday, December 14
students study at home.
December 2nd
Tuesday, December 3
One week before the term exams.
Jr.3: The rehearsal of the Mock Trial(after school)
For the Mock Trial on December 18, students rehearsed the trial with the lawyers.

November 25
Wednesday, November 27
Open School
Course in e-education for parents(from 15:15 in the multimedia room)
More than 500 parents came to school to observe the lessons from the first period to the last.
19 parents joined the course in e-education and learned something new with a computer. Some high school students helped this course as volunteers.

e-education講座 パソコンに取り組む保護者 The course in e-education

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Thursday, November 28
Special Lecture by Mr.Saito(3rd and 4th period in the auditorium)

Subject:The three abilities you need to have and the style

Lecturer: Mr. Takashi Saito, assistant professor,
    the department of literature, Meiji University

進路講演会 生徒に質問 pictures of the lecture

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November 18th
Tuesday, November 19
Returnees' parent-teacher Meeting ・Guidance for admission to overseas colleges(from 15:30in the seminar 3 and 4)

Wednesday, November 20
Jr.2: The lecture of the energy(in the woodwork room)
Every year all the junior 2nd year students attend this lecture held by Tokyo Electric Power Company.
Students learned about the electric power through some excitning experiments.

エネルギー講座 実験の様子 pictures of the lecture of the energy

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Friday, November 22
Sr.1: Orientation for the courses and elective subjects for parents (from 15:30 in the Lecture Hall)

November 11th
Wednesday, November 13
Sr.1: Guidance for the curriculum ( 7th period, in the Lecture Hall)

Sr.2: proficiency test

Thursday, November 14
Sr.1 and 2: proficiency test

Friday, November 15
FORUM: Creativity in the 21st Century with Nobel Laureates

FORUM with Nobel Laureates was held in our auditorium in 2000 and 2001.
This year it was held in the Ohkuma Auditoruim of Waseda University.
200 Shibumaku students participated in the FORUM.
Watching the World through Science
Nobel Lauriates
Prof. Stanley B. Prusiner
Professor, University of California, San Francisco,
Physiology or Medicine 1997, for his discovery of Prions - a new biological principle of infection.)

Dr. Leo Esaki
President, The Shibaura Institute of Technology,
Physics 1973, for his experimental discoveries regarding tunneling phenomena in semiconductors and superconductors, respectively.)

Prof. Susumu Tonegawa
Professor, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Physiology or Medicine 1987, for his discovery of the genetic principle for generation of antibody diversity.)
sponsored by
The Yomiuri Shimbum  NHK
supported by
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
in cooperation with
Waseda University and Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen
November 4
Monday, November 4
holiday in lieu
Wednesday, November 6
Junior High School Ball Festival

Friday, November 8
Sr.2: Guidance for the curriculum (7th period, in the Lecture Hall)

Saturday, November 9
Guidance for the New Zealnad homestay

Pictures of the Ball Festival 

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October 28th
Monday, October 28
Mid-Term Examinations

Tuesday, Ocotber 29
Mid-Tern Examinatinos

Wednesday, October 30
Mid-Term Examinations

Saturday, November 2
The Explanatory Meeting for the high school entrance examinations.

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October 21st
Monday, October 21
Sr.3: Proficiency Test

Tuesday, October 22
Sr.3: Proficiency Test

Saturday, October 26
Sr.2: Mid-Term examinations satrted.

October 14th
Monday, October 14
Health Sports Day

Saturday, October 19
The Explanatory Meeting for the junior high school entrance examinations.

October 7th
Sunday, October 6
Sr.2: the 1st group of School Excursion to China left.(15:00, Narita)

Monday, October 7
Sr.2: the 2nd group of School Excursion to China left.(15:00, Narita)

Tuesday, October 8
"Experiencing the real traditional Japanese art."(5th and 6th period in the gym)
The artists of the Japanese Dance Association Inc. showed their performance in our gymnasium. All the junior high school students enjoyed their authentic stage. Some students had practiced beating a tsuzumi, a Japanese hand drum beforehand and joined the performance on the stage. Some students were dressed in the costume of Heian, Sengoku and Edo era. Other students also learned how to use a fan and graceful manners.

 From the left  1.using a fan to bow 
3.introducing the clothes in those days by teachers and students  
4.Benkei and Ushi-Waka-Maru

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September 30th
Wdnesday, October 2
Student- Teacher Training Session 2 ends
Thursday, October 3
Sr.2: the Ceremony for the School Excursion to China(7th period in the Lecture hall)

Friday, October 4
the Guidance for the School Excursion to China(5th and 6th period in the Lecture Hall)
September 23rd
Monday, September 23
Autumnal Equinox Day
Tuesday, September 24
School Crossing Safety Campaign
Teachers check students at the major school crossings to insure student safety this week.

Friday, September 27
Farewell Function for New Zealand students(Jr.: 6th period in the auditorium)

Saturday, September 28
Forum on information Technology 2002(at Ookayama campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Our three high school 3rd year students of Computer club who won the 3rd prize at the Super Computer Contest had a presentation at this forum.

Sunday, September 29
Sayonara Party for New Zealand students(from 13:00, in the hall of junior high school building

New Zealand students and their host families got together to have a potluck party as the closing activity of the 2-week homestay program.

September 16
Monday, September 16
Holiday in lieu
Tuesday, September 17
Holiday in lieu
Students from New Zealand arrived.
We have 41 New Zealand students this year. They will stay with Makuhari students and their families and have some experience in Japan during their 2-week stay.

Wednesday, September 18
All the classes use Monday A-week schedule

Sr.3: Career Guidance(5th and 6th period)

Welcome Function for New Zealnad students(Jr.: 1st period in the auditorium)
      Left:Welcome Function

 Right:Joined the class with our 2nd year students.

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Thursday, September 19
Student- Teacher Training Session 2 starts
September 9th

Thursday, September 12
Preparation for Cultural Festival

Friday, September 13
Preparation for Cultural Festival

Saturday, September 14
Cultural Festival "Enju-sai" (for our students)

Sunday, September 15
Cultural Festival "Enju-sai" (open to public)


More than 7000 visitors came and enjoyed our festival this year instead of the bad weather.

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September 2nd
Monday, September 2
Opening Ceremony (Jr:10:30  Sr:11:15)
Summer Assignment Check Test, in the afternoon.
      a picture of Opening Ceremony

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Tuesday, September 3
Summer Assignment Check Test, in the morning.

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