Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

〜  The 3rd Term, 2002  〜
From March 17th Monday, March 17
Students study at home till 20th

Friday, March 21 Vernal Equinox Day

Saturday, March 22
Closing Ceremony(SHS: from 9:00, JHS: from 10:15)

〜We have spring break until the 1st term starts.
(※School Office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the spring holidays.)


March 10th
Monday, March 10
Final Examinations, Day 2

Tuesday, March 11
Final Examinations, Day 3

Wednesday, March 12
Final Examinations, Day 4

Thursday, March 13
No classes. Students study at home.

Friday, March 14
Test Return Day

Jr. 3rd year students came back from New Zealand trip.

Studnets who joined this 2-week homestay program in New Zealand all returned with precious memories. 

March 3rd
Thursday, March 6
Jr.1: Parent-Teacher Meeting(from 14:30, in the Lecture Hall)

Saturday, March 8
Final Examinations, Day1

Examination for transfer students

February 24th
Monday, February 24
The Ceremoy for the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of Our School(in the morning)

The Anniversary Lecture(in the afternoon)
 20 years has passed since our school started in 1983. The ceremony was held with solemn in the auditorium.
 An orchestra was specially organized for this ceremony, with the students of the brass band and the chamber music club, and they had the Anniversary Concert just after the ceremony.
 In the afternoon, the annual special lecture was held, and many parents attended it.

学校長式辞 学校功労者・永年勤続者表彰 the Ceremony for the 20th Anniversary of the Founding

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Anniversary Concert

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 (This is the handbill designed for the concert.)

Wednesday, February 26
The anniverary of the founding of our school

Thursday, February 27
Jr.3: Students have no classes to prepare for the homestay program in newZealand

Jr.2: Parent-Teacher Meeting(from 15:20, in the Lecture Hall)

Friday, February 28
The rehearsal for the graduation ceremony
Graduates are enrolled in the alumni association.

Departing for Homestay Program in New Zealand
We have a page for our homestay program in New Zealand. One of our staff members is sending the report from New Zealand.
You can have an access from the top page.

Saturday, March 1
SHS: Graduation Ceremony(from 10:00, in the auditorium)

Graduation Ceremony
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February 17th
Wednesday, February 19
Sr.2: Lecture about college studies by Shibuya-Makuhari Graduates (in the auditorium)
Good opprtunity for students to have more vivid information about college life through our prosperous graduates' actual experience.

Alumni of Keiou University, the Faculty of Law, now preapring for a bar examination
(the 13th graduating class)
the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics, sophomore
(the 15th graduating class)
Waseda University, School of Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture, sophomore
(the 15th graduating class)
the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, sophomore
(the 15th graduating class)

Thursday, February 20
New junior high school students' parents meeting

Friday, February 21
Sr.1: Paretn-Teacher Meeting(from 15:30, in the lecture hall)
JHS: Chorus Festival(from 9:00 to 15:30, in the auditorium)
the 17th Chorus Festival

The Champions
2nd place
The Champions of Jr.2
 2-3  SHIMAUTA, a folk song of Okinawa
The Champions of Jr.1
the Best Set Piece Award

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Saturday, February 22
Jr.3: Guidance for the homestay program in New Zealand
Sr.1 and 2: Lecture about the Study of Medicine and Pharmacy(from 13:10, Seminar 3 and 4)
Some 1st and 2nd year students attended the lecture. Our graduates encouraged the students very much.

Chiba University, School of Medicine, sophomore
(the 15th graduating class)
Chiba University, School of Medicine, freshman
(the 17th graduating class)
Chiba University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, sophomore
(the 15th graduating class)

February 10th
Monday, February 10
Sr.3: Final Examination, Day 1

Tuesady, February 11 National Foundation Day

Wednesday, February 12
Jr.3: Final Examination, Day 2

Thursady, February 13
Jr.3: Final Examination, Day 3
Open Class for research purpose,
with Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
to verify the effectiveness of the newly designed digital teaching material

picture of the class

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Friday, February 14
Sr.3: Students work on the specially arranged schedule (through Feb.25)

February 3rd
Monday, February 3
Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior High school Entrance Examination

Tuesday, February 4Jr.: Campaign Speeches by Candidates for Student Council and Election.
   (7th period, in the auditorium)

Sr.1: Special Lecture of Social Studies
-Makuhari Asia Academy・Integrated Study of Asia-
 (from 14:50, in the Lecture Hall)
As a lesson of Politics and Economics, this special lecture was given to our high school 1st year students in English.
We invited two research workers from Vietnam and China as lecturers, who are now studying in Japan.

Mr. Hoang Phuong MAI, National Bank of Vietnum, Multinational Economy section, Vice Section Manager
Mr. Xie Yu, China -Ministry of Trade Economy, Administrative Official

lecture by Mr. Xie Yu Mr. Mai answering students'questions Sr.1: Special Lecture of Social Studies

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Wednesday, February 5
Sr.2: Parent-Teacher Meeting(from 15:20, in the Lecture Hall)

Thursday, February 6
Attestation Ceremony for the staff members of the Student Council
(from 12:40, in the executive room)

Saturday, February 8
Marathon Meet

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January 27th
Wednesday, January 29
Senior High School Entrance Examination

Thursday, January 30
Sr.2: Proficiency Tests

Announcement of Successful Candidates of High school Entrance Examination

Friday, January 31
JHS, Sr1 and 2: Proficiency Tests

Sunday, February 1st
Junior High School the 2nd Entrance Examination

January 20th
Wednesday, January 22
Junior high school Entrance Examination

Thursday, January 23
No classes

Friday, January 24
Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior high school Entrance Examination

January 13th
Monday, January 13 Adult Day

Thursady, January 16
Preparation for the entrance exam. No 7th period.

Friday, January 17
High school Entrance Examination for TAG
(TAG: Talented and Gifted students)

Saturday, January 18
Announcement of Successful Candidates of TAG Entrance Examination
Government Sponsored Entrance Examination for public and private universities (1st day)

Sunday, January 19
Government Sponsored Entrance Examination for public and private universities (2nd day)

January 7th
Tuesday, January 7
Opening Ceremony(JHS: from 10:30 SHS: from 11:25)
Classes start in the afternoon.

   ◇◇◇Wonderful achievements during the holidays◇◇◇

  Kanto High School Tennis Tournament 
Shibu-Maku girls' tennis team won the championship!
 9 players of our girls' high school tennis team took part in the tournament held from December 25th in Ibaragi. In the final, they beat a powerful rival team that was expected to be the winning team this year.
 They are moving on to the National High School Tennis Tournament that starts from March 22nd.

  The 46th Japan Students Science Awards,
one of our students received the Yomiuri Award!
Azuma Takayuki, 3rd year student of the chemistry club, wrote the paper "the Origin of life, Part 2, -Simple System-," submitted it and, after tough deliberation, received the Yomiuri Award.

Winning team pennant Mr. Azuma commendation

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