Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

〜  The 1st Term, 2003  〜
Summer Vacation 7/21(Mon.)Supplemantary Classes(〜7/31)

7/22(Tue.)Optional Excursion for Social Studies Class (Jr.)(The Center of Metropolitan Tokyo:around Shiodome)

8/ 1(Fri.)Optional Excursion for Japanese Class (Jr.)(The Literature Walk in Taganuma)

8/ 5(Tue.)Optional Excursion for Art Class (Jr.)(Shinanomachi:Japanese Folk Music and Classical Piano)

8/ 6(Wed.)Optional Excursion for Social Studies Class (Jr.)(Nihombashi, The National Bank of Japan, etc.)

8/17(Sun.)Optional Excursion for Social Studies Class (Jr.)(Prefectural Baso Fudoki no Oka Museum, Boso no Mura Museum)

8/19(Tue.)Optional Excursion for Social Studies Class (Jr.)(Sapporo Beer Factory)

8/21(Thu.)Optional Excursion for Social Studies Class (Jr.)(Edo Tokyo Museum)
      Optional Excursion for Social Studies Class (Jr.)(Asahi Newspaper Co. Building & The Ministry of Justice)
      Optional Excursion for Social Studies Class (Jr.)(The National Museum of History, The Town of Sakura)

8/22(Fri.)Optional Excursion for Art Class (Jr.)(Ueno:Eastern & Western Art)

8/23(Sat.)Supplementary Classes(〜8/29)

Please check out the open days of the library, computer room and swimming pool.
 ※Only for our school's students.


〜 Thank you for reading Weekly News. We have summer vacation during August. 〜

July 14 〜 7/14(Mon.)Test Return Day

7/16(Wed.)The General Educational Meeting of Parents and Principal(10:00〜 @Auditorium)
      Special Lecture for Parents(11:00〜 @Auditorium)

7/17(Thu.)Special Opera for high school students (Sr. 2)(@the New National Theater, Opera Theater)
         Performance : "Tosca" by Puccini

at New National Theater  Special Opera

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7/18(Fri.)Closing Ceremony (Jr.)

7/19(Sat.)Closing Ceremony (Sr.)
      Graduation Ceremony for the Student who Studied Abroad

〜 Clubs Participating the National Meeting 〜

 The following clubs are going to particitate in the National Meeting this summer. Please look forward to their outstanding performance.

Boys Tennis Club : Inter-High School Meeting(August, in Nagasaki)
Girls Tennis Club : Inter-High School Meeting(August, in Nagasaki)
Karate Club (Sr.) : Inter-High School Meeting(August, in Nagasaki)
Cheer Leading Club :All Japan Meeting
          (August, @the Gym #2 of Yoyogi National Studium)
Karate Club (Sr.) All Japan Junior High school Meeting : (August, in Hokkaido)
 Pep Rally

July 7 〜 7/ 7(Mon.)Term-End Exanimations (Day 1)
      Entrance Examination for Students who Returned from Abroad(Jr. & Sr.)

7/ 8(Tue.)Term-End Exanimations (Day 2)

7/ 9(Wed.)Term-End Exanimations (Day 3)

7/10(Thu.)Term-End Exanimations (Day 4)
      Orientation for the homestay in New Zealand (11:00〜 @Auditorium)

7/11(Fri.)Grading Day (Students Study at Home)

June 30 〜 6/30(Mon.)A Week before the Term-End Examinations

7/ 2(Wed.)Election of Student Council (Jr.)(7th Per. : Campaign Speeches by Candidates for Student Council)
Campaign Speeches by Candidates Voting Jr. Students  Election of Student Council

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June 23 〜 6/23(Mon.)Election of Student Council (Sr.)
      Student-Teachers' Last Practice of Teaching (Jr.)

6/25(Wed.)Exchange Student Comes to School
 Mr. Derek Richae, an exchange student from USA, will study at 2-C from June 25 to July 2.

6/26(Thu.)Exchange Student Goes Back Home
 Miss Ruth Effinowicz, an exchange student from Germany since June 2002, finished one-year exchange program and went back home.

Ruth on the Left  Ruth at Kendo Club

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6/27(Fri.)Academic Achievement Test (Sr. 3)

June 16 〜 6/16(Mon.)Student-Teachers' Last Practice of Teaching (Sr.)
The Student-teacher's practice of teaching since two weeks ago has ended. In the 1st term of this year, the graduates (6 at Sr. and 3 at Jr.) spent their different shool life as teachers. 

June 9 〜 6/15(Sun.)STEP English Proficiency Test

June 2 〜 6/2(Mon.)Sports Festival : the 1st Day

6/3(Tue.)Sports Festival : the 2nd Day
      Student-Teacher Practice and Observation starts

Check Out Pictures Taken During the Sports Festival Held for 2 Days. (Click Logo on Left)

6/7(Sat.)Special Kabuki Lecture(Sr.1 11:00〜14:00 @The National Theater in Tokyo)
at The National Theater  Special Kabuki Lecture
  Performance:"Yo-wa Nasake Ukina-no Yokogushi"

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May 26 〜 5/26(Mon.)The Last Day of Mid-Term Examinations
      General Meeting of the Student Council(Jr. 12:30〜 @Auditorium)

5/28(Wed.)Academic Achievement Test(Sr.3 PM)

5/29(Thu.)Academic Achievement Test(Sr. 2 & 3 All Day)
      One Day School Excursion in Noda(Jr. 1)
      Parent-Teacher Conference (for Returnee Students)(15:00〜 @Lecture Hall and Classrooms)

Students Visiting The Kami-Hanawa History Museum One Day School Excursion (Jr. 1)

May 19 〜 5/21(Wed.)The Mid-Term Examinations (Sr.2)(〜5/26)

5/22(Thu.)The Mid-Term Examinations(〜5/26)

5/23(Fri.)The Parent-Teacher Conference (Jr.2)(13:00〜 @Lecture Hall and Classrooms)
      Educational Meeting between Parents and Principal(10:30〜 @Lecture Hall)

May 12 〜 5/13(Tue.)Open School
      Course in "e-education" for Parents(16:00〜 @Multimedia Room)
 At the 1st Open School this year, about 800 parents visited the school.
 Also, Course in "e-education" for Parents was held at Multimedia Room and 22 parents came to learn how to use the Internet and Powerpoint.
Open school e-education Click Pictures to Zoom

5/14(Wed.)A Week before the Mid-Term Examination (Sr. 2)

5/15(Thu.)Parent-Teacher Conference (Jr. 1) (14:00〜 @Auditorium and Classrooms)
      A Week before the Mid-Term Examination (except Sr. 2)

5/16(Fri.)Parent-Teacher Conference and
        Orientation for New Zealand Homestay Trip (Jr. 3)(13:50〜 @Auditorium and Classrooms)

5/17(Sat.)Parent-Teacher Conference (Sr. 2)(13:30〜 @Lecture Hall and Classrooms

May 5 〜 5/5(Mon.)Children's Day

      Memorial Concert(Sr. 13:30〜 @Auditorium)
Performed by:Chiba New Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor:Mr. Junji Yamagami

1.M. I. Glinka : Overture to the Opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila"
2.L. V. Veethoven : From Symphony No.6 F-dur op.68 "Pastorale" Paco sostenuto-vivace
3.J. Strauss U : @Annen-Polka, Op. 117
  AAuf der Jagd Op.373.
4.P. I. Tchaikovsky : Piano Concerto No.1 B flat minor, Op.23
5.P. Mascogni : From the Opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" Intermezzo
6.J. Williams : Highlight form "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
7.L. Bernstein : "Westside Story" Selection

Performance by the Orchestra Piano by Our Sr.2nd-Year Student Click Pictures to Zoom

5/9(Fri.)Fire Drill(After 7th Per.)

April 28 〜 4/29(Tue.)Greenery Day


5/ 1(Thu.)Opening Ceremony of the Extracurricular Courses for Foreign Languages
       (15:30〜 @Lecture Hall)
Introduction of teachers  Opening Ceremony of the Extracurricular Courses for Foreign Languages

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5/ 2(Fri.)Carreer Guidance for Parents (13:15〜 @Auditorium)
      Parent-Teacher Conference (Sr.1 & 3)(15:30〜 @Lecture Hall and
      General Meeting of the Student Council (7th Per. @Gymnasium)
      Jr.2 One-Day School Excursion to Kamakura
Carreer Guidance for Parents General Meeting of the Student Council  Left:Carreer Guidance for Parents
 Right:General Meeting of the
      Student Council

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5/ 3(Tue.)Constitution Memorial Day

April 21 〜 4/21(Mon.)Physical Checkup

4/23(Wed.)Physical Checkup

4/24(Thu.)The Attestation Ceremony of Scholarship Students (15:30〜)

4/25(Fri.)Physical Checkup

April 14 〜 4/14(Mon.)School Crossing Campaign(〜 April 19)
 Teachers checked students at major school crossings to insure student safety and good manners.
Students Coming  to School  School Crossing Campaign

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4/15(Tue.)Physical Checkup, Electrocardiogram, X-ray examination(P.M.)

4/16(Wed.)Sr. 3rd: Academic Achievement Test (English, Japanese & math )

4/17(Thu.)Dental Checkup

4/18(Fri.)Physical Checkup

April 7 〜 4/ 7(Mon.)Year-Opening Ceremony(8:50〜 @Gymnasium)
      Freshmen Entering Ceremony(Jr.10:30〜、Sr.13:30〜 @Auditorium)
Announcement of New Classes Year-Opening Ceremony (Jr. & Sr.)  Year-Opening Ceremony

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 SPECIAL!! Freshmen Entering Ceremony
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4/ 8(Tue.)Starting Orientation for Freshmen
      Starting Classes(exept Freshmen)

4/ 9(Wed.)Sr. Freshmen Welcome Assembly(4th〜6th Per.@Auditorium)

4/10(Thu.)Jr. Freshmen Welcome Assembly(4th〜6th Per.@Auditorium)

      Sr. Freshmen Start Classes

4/11(Fri.)Jr. Freshmen Start Classes

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