Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 2nd Term, 2003  〜
December 22 〜 12/22(Mon.)Closing Ceremony(Jr. 10:30〜 Sr. 11:35〜)
      The Ceremony for the Ski Trip(11:00〜 @Auditorium)

 ☆☆☆ Renewed Facilities!! ☆☆☆

 The construction of the seminar building between Jr. High and Sr. High was completed and at a corner a large plasma display was set up this week.
 Students can watch English TV programs such as CNN News through the display and will have more chance to learn English naturally every day
 and they can keep up with the news all over the world using English.

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Seminar Building Hallway between Jr. High & Sr. High Plasma Display

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

〜 Shibumaku Weekly News will have break during the winter vacation. 〜

December 15 〜 12/15(Mon.)Students Study at Home

12/16(Tue.)Test Return Day

12/17(Wed.)Students Study at Home(〜Dec. 20)

12/18(Thu.)Jr.3 : The Mock Trial(9:30〜 @Lecture Hall)
 Following the guidance by the Lawyers' Association in Tokyo, the annual mock trial by Jr. 3 students was held.

The Mock Trial The Mock Trial  Click Pictures to Zoom

December 8 〜 12/ 9(Tue.)The Term-end Exams Start(〜 Dec. 12)
      Exams for Admission into the School
      Carreer Guidance(Jr. 13:00〜 @Auditorium)
      Parent-Teacher Conference(Sr.1 14:00〜 @Lecture Hall)

12/12(Fri.)Orientation for Ski Trip(Jr.2 11:10〜 @Lecture Hall)

December 1 〜 12/ 1(Mon.)Rehearsal for the Mock Trial
      Mini-concert by the String Orchestra Club(Lunch Break @Sr. Building 1F)
Mini-concert  Click Picture to Zoom

12/ 2(Tue.)A Week bofore Term-end Exams

12/ 6(Sat.)Sr.1 Parent-teacher Conference(PM @Lecture Hall)

 The area in front of the auditorium was decorated with lighting ornaments this week; students leave school with their hearts warmed in twilight.

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Ornament before Auditorium

November 24 〜 11/24(Mon.)Thanks for Labour Day

11/25(Tue.)Special lecture by Mr. Kaname Saruya(Sr.1 & 2 PM @Auditorium)
      The Lecture of Energy(Jr.2 3rd Per. @Woodwork Room)

 The Special Lecture by Mr. Kaname Saruya, the honorary professor of American history at Tokyo Women's University was given.
 The lecture was held as the "Asahi Cultural Seminar for High School Students" and 220 parents also attended.

 On the same day, "The Lecture of Energy" was held in Jr. high for the 2nd grade, and the TEPCO Chiba Branch gave the lacture with experiments.

Special Lecture The Lecture of Energy  Click Pictures to Zoom

November 17 〜 11/20(Thu.)Open School
      Course in e-education for Parents(15:00〜 @Multimedia Room)

 In spite of bad weather, more than 500 parents visited the school for the 2nd open school this year.
 After school, the couyrse in e-education was held for parents.

Open School Open Class of Jr.1 Course in e-education for Parents
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<Indroduction of Graduate>
 Takahiro Terachi(13th Graduate) 
  All Japan Tennis Championship

Men's Doubles  Champion
 Men's Singles 2nd Place

November 10 〜 11/15(Sat.)Guidance for New Zealand Homestay(Jr.3: PM)

〜 Memories of the trip have Arrived!! 〜

 The pottery "Imari-yaki" and "Hagi-yaki" made by Sr.2 students at the school excursion trip to Kyushu arrived at the school this week.

Students looking for thier own works Imari-yaki
Hagi-yaki also arrived Works by Students  Click Pictures to zoom

 At the cafeteria, the "Oni-dako" which students received at the reception ceremony at Iki Island is decorated.

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Oni-dako,Iki Island's Traditional Japanese Kite Oni-dako

November 3 〜 11/ 3(Mon.)Cultural Day

11/ 4(Tue.)Proficiency Test (Sr.2, PM)

11/ 5(Wed.)Proficiency Test (Sr.1 & 2)
      Ball Game Festival (Jr.)
 The student council and the student P.E. conference planned and ran the festival, which every student from Jr. 1 to Jr. 3 enjoyed playing the games and cheering up friends.

Ball Game Festival   Click Pictures to Zoom

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October 27th 〜 10/28(Tue.)The Mid-term Exams Start(Sr.2: 〜31st)

10/29(Wed.)The Mid-term Exams Start(Jr. Sr.1 & 3: 〜31st)

A Jack-o'-lantern made by Jr. art club was decorated at the front door.

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October 20 〜 10/20(Mon.)Proficiency Test (Sr.3)

10/21(Tue.)Proficiency Test (Sr.3)
      A Week before Mid-term Exams(Sr. 2)

10/22(Wed.)A Week before Mid-term Exams (Jr., Sr.1 & Sr.3)

 You can take a look at the pictures taken at the school excursion trips.
 Click the icon above for the pictures.

October 13 〜 10/13(Mon.)Health Sports Day

10/16(Thu.)The Bolder Youth Symphony Visited the School
As a program of"Japan-America Grassroots Summit," The Bolder Youth Symphony visited us on 16th.
 In the morning they participated in the Sr. 1 music class, they showed us fabulous performance at lunchtime.
 In the afternoon, they got involved in the Sr. returnee English class; They surely had a good time.

Performance at the Light Court Click Picture to Zoom

10/17(Fri.)Parent-teacher Conference(Jr.2: 7th Per. @Lecture Hall)

10/18(Sat.)The Explanatory Meeting for the Junior High School Entrance Examinations(14:00〜 @ Auditorium)

10/19(Sun.)The Explanatory Meeting for the Senior High School Entrance Examinations( 9:30〜 @Auditorium)
      STEP English Proficiency Test

October 5th 〜 10/ 5(Sun.)School Excursion(Sr.2 〜Oct.10)

10/ 6(Mon.)The Ceremony for the School Excursion(Jr.3: PM @Auditorium)

10/ 7(Tue.)School Excursion(Jr.3 〜Oct.10)
      The Ceremony for the School Excursion(Jr.1, Jr.2, Sr.1: 5th Per. @Auditorium)

10/ 8(Wed.)School Excursion (Jr.1, Jr.2, Sr.1 〜Oct.10)
      Proficiency Test (Sr.3)

10/ 9(Thu.)Proficiency Test (Sr.3)

10/10(Fri.)Ball Festival (Sr.3)
 This week Sr.2 left for Kyushu, Sr.1 for Hiroshima, Jr.3 for Nara, Jr. 2 for Kiso, and Jr.1 for Kamogawa.
 Also Sr.3 had the proficiency tests and the Ball Festival.

Ball Festival Ball Festival Click Pictures to Zoom

Stptember 29 〜 10/1(Wed.)Students Satrt to Wear the Winter Uniform
      Student-teacher Training Session 2 ends

10/4(Sat.)The Ceremony for the School Excursion to Kyushu(Sr. 2: 3rd & 4th Per. @Lecture Hall)

September 22 〜 9/22(Mon.)School Crossing Safety Campaign(〜26th)
School Crossing in the Morning Click Picture to Zoom

9/23(Tue.)Autumnal Equinox Day

9/26(Fri.)Farewell Function for New Zealand students(Jr. 7th Per. @Auditorium)
 We had the Farewell Function for the students from New Zealand who stayed with Makuhari students for two weeks.
 They went back home safely on Sunday, September 28.

September 15 〜 9/15(Mon.)Respect for Aged Day

9/16(Tue.)Holiday in lieu
      Students from New Zealand arrived

9/17(Wed.)Sr. 3 Carreer Guidance(PM @Lecture Hall)
      Welcome Function for NZ Students(Jr. 1st Per. @Auditorium)
 We have 29 students from Cambridge, Berkley, Maeroa, Morrinsville, and Te Awamutu. They will stay with Makuhari students and their families and have some experience in Japan during their 2-week stay.

Song by NZ Students Click Picture for Song by NZ Students
 (9 seconds 74.2kb)

9/18(Thu.)Student-teacher Training Session 2 starts

9/20(Sat.)Sr. 2 Guidance for School Excursion(PM @Lecture Hall)

September 8 〜 9/ 8(Mon.)Exchange student arrived
 Miss Jananya JULSAKSRISAKUL from Thailand first came to the school.
 She will stay until the middle of next June with Sr. 1-I.

9/11(Thu.)Preparation for Cultural Festival(All Day)

9/12(Fri.)Preparation for Cultural Festival(All Day)

9/13(Sat.)Cultural Fetsivai "Enju-sai" The 1st Day(for Parents & Graduates)

9/14(Sun.)Cultural Fetsivai "Enju-sai" The 2nd Day(Open to Public)

 This year we held the Cultural Festival for two days for parents or graduates and public, and we had over 9,000 visitors in total. Thank you very much for coming!!


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September 1 〜 9/ 1(Mon.)Opening Celemony(Jr. 10:30〜, Sr. 11:25〜 @Auditorium)
      Summer Assignment Check Test(PM : Jr. & Sr.)

9/ 2(Tue.)Summer Assignment Check Test(Sr. & Jr.)


 The cafeteria and some of W.C.s were reconstructed.
Ladies' W.C. Ladies' W.C. Click Pictures to Zoom

Cafeteria Cafeteria Cafeteria

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