Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 3rd Term, 2003  〜
March 1 〜 3/1(Mon.)Graduation Ceremony(Sr.: 10:00〜 @Auditorium)
 The Graduation Ceremony for 330 of the 19th Graduates was held at the Auditorium.

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3/4(Thu.)Preparation for New Zealand Homestay (Jr.3 students have
       no classes)
3/5(Fri.)Parent-teacher Conference(Sr.2: 16:10〜 @Lecture Hall)
      Jr. 3 students depart for New Zealand Homestay
 Please take a look at the students in NZ through "Real-time News."
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February 23 〜 2/23(Mon.)J.3 Test Return Day

2/24(Tue.)Jr.3 students have no classes and prepare for New Zealand

2/25(Wed.)Parent-teacher Meeting(Jr.1 : 15:00〜 @Lecture Hall)

2/26(Thu.)Anniversary Day of School Foundation

2/27(Fri.)Graduates are enrolled in the alumni association(9:50〜
      Rehearsal for Graduation Ceremony, Presentation of Awards
       (10:10〜 @Auditorium)

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February 16 〜 2/16(Mon.)Live Chat and TV Meeting with Waseda-Shibuya HIgh School
       in Singapore
       (17:00〜 @Computer Room)
 The student council had meeting with the student council of Waseda-Shibuya High School in Singapore on the Internet.
 They had meeting two years ago using the Internet chat, but this time we used television. The meeting has become much closer because of this audio-visualization.

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Makuhari Student Council Talking through Microphne Singapore student on screen

2/18(Wed.)Final Exams(Jr.3: 〜20th)
      Lecture about college studies by Shibuya-Makuhari Graduates
       (Sr.2 : 6th & 7th Per. @Lecture Hall)

2/20(Fri.)New junior high school students' parents meeting (10:00〜 
      The Anniversary Lecture(14:00〜 @Auditorium, Lecture Hall)

2/21(Sat.)Jr.3 students start working on the special arranged schdule
      Guidance for New Zealand Homestay(13:00〜 @Auditorium)
      Lecture about medical college studies by Shibuya-Makuhari
       Graduates(13:00〜 @Seminar Room)
 Following the Lecture by Graduates for Sr. 2 on 18th, the lecture about medical college studies by graduates was held.
 Many student enthusiastically gathered for this great opportunity to know what they will learn or what they should keep in mind as a future doctor.

February 9 〜 2/ 9(Mon.)Makuhari Asia Academy"Integrated Study of Asia"(5th & 6th
        Per. @Lecture Hall)
 As a program of Social Studies, Makuhari Asia Academy was held for Sr. 1 students.
 Mr. Qiang LIU from China and Ms. Susi. C.S.R.F HUTAPEA from Indonesia gave the lecture about their nations' economics and politics.
 Lecture was all given in English, with partly interpreted by returnee students, and had gone well using PowerPoint,
Makuhari Asia Academy  Click Picture to Zoom

2/11(Wed.)National Foundation Day

2/13(Fri.)Jr. Chorus Festival
Champions 3-5  Click Picture for Song (22sec. 135kb)

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Champions 1 - 7「When Allen-a Dale went a-hunting」
       2nd Year ※None
        3 - 5「Haru ni (In the Spring)」
2nd Place 1 - 4「Tabidachi no hi ni (On the Day of Departure)」
       2 - 2「Cherry」
       2 - 4「Sora mo Toberuhazu (You Can Fly in the Sky)」
       3 - 7「Do You Hear the People Sing」
3rd Place   1 - 6「With you smile」
       2 - 5「Ring」
Champions  3 - 5 「Haru ni (In the Spring)」
2nd Place 3 - 7「Do You Hear the People Sing」
3rd Place  3 - 1「Land of hope and glory」
The Best Set Piece Award  2 - 8 「Asu we no Tobira (The Door to Tomorrow)」

February 2 〜 2/ 2(Mon.)Junior High School Entrance Examination(Students study
        at home)

2/ 3(Tue.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior High School
        Entrance Exams
      Proficiency Tests (Jr.1 〜 3)

2/ 4(Wed.)Student Council Election(Jr. 7th Per.〜)
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2/ 7(Sat.)Marathon Meet

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January 26 〜 1/26(Mon.)Special Lecture by Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Sr.3: 6 & 7th
      Per. @Lecture Hall)
 As a part of the curriculum of Social Studies, The Special Lecture by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Jr. 3rd students was held at the Lecture Hall.

   Lecturer : Mr. Takashi Ashiki
          (Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Dept of International
   Subject : "Iraq Issues and Japan"

Special Lecture by MOFA  Click Picture to Zoom

1/27(Tue.)Proficiency Tests (Sr.2)

1/28(Wed.)Proficiency Tests (Sr.1 & 2)
      Preparation for Entrance Exam(No 7th Per. Classes)

1/29(Thu.)Senior High Entrance Examinations(Students study at home)

1/30(Fri.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Senior High
        Entrance Exams

January 19 〜 1/19(Mon.)Registrating Personal Data of Government Sponsored
       Entrance Examination(Sr.3 10:00〜 @Lecture Hall)
Registrarion of Data  Click Picture to Zoom

1/21(Wed.)Preparation for Jr. High Entrance Exams(No 6th & 7th Per.

1/22(Thu.)Jr. High Entrance Examinations(Students study at home)

1/23(Fri.)Marking Day of Junior High Entrance Exam(Students study at
       Personal data of Government Sponsored Entrance
        Examination returned

1/24(Sat.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior High
        Entrance Exams

January 12 〜 1/12(Mon.)Coming of Age Day

1/16(Fri.)Preparation for TAG Entrance Exams(No 7th Per. Classes)

1/17(Sat.)Sr. TAG (Talented and Gifted students) Entrance Examinations
      (Students have no class)
      Government Sponsored Entrance Examination for public and
      private universities (The 1st Day)

1/18(Sun.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of TAG Entrance
      Government Sponsored Entrance Examination for public and
      private universities (The 2nd Day)

January 8 〜

Happy New Year from Shibumaku Weekly News!!

1/ 8(Thu.)Opening Ceremony(Jr. 10:30〜 Sr. 11:20〜)
      Classes start(PM〜)

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 at ski trip for Jr. 2 in December.

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