Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 1st Term, 2004  〜
July 4 〜 7/4(Sun.)Assembly for Supporting Tulio

at Makuhari Prince Hotel at Makuhari Prince Hotel  Assembly for Tulio
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7/6(Tue.)Term-end Exams : the 1st Day

7/7(Wed.)Term-end Exams : the 2nd Day

7/8(Thu.)Term-end Exams : the 3rd Day

7/9(Fri.)Term-end Exams : the Final Day

June 28 〜 6/28(Mon.)Special Lecture for SEL-Hi Program

at Auditorium at Auditorium  Special Lecture
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6/30(Wed.)Lecture of Drugs

at Auditorium  Lecture of Drugs

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June 21 〜 6/21(Mon.)Concert by Strings Instrument Club

at Light Court  Concert
  Performance by Students

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6/24(Thu.)Election of Student Council (Sr.)

6/26(Sat.)Campaign Speeches by Candidates for Student Council (Jr.)

at Auditorium at Auditorium  Campaign Speeches

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June 14 〜 6/15(Tue.)Prefectural Memorial Day

6/16(Wed.)Opening Ceremony of Extracurricular Course for String

at Music Room  Opening Ceremony of Extracurricular Course for String Instruments

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6/19(Sat.)Mathematics Proficiency Test(PM)

June 7 〜 6/11(Fri.)STEP English Proficiency Test(After School)

6/12(Sat.)Kanji Proficiency Test(PM)

May 31 〜 6/ 1(Tue.)Usual Schedules(Sports Festival was postponed because of

6/ 2(Wed.)Sports Festival : the 1st Day

6/ 3(Thu.)Sports Festival : the 2nd Day

Please have a look at the pictures taken at two-day Sports Festival! (Click Logo on Left)

6/ 4(Fri.)Academic Achievement Tests (Sr.2)
      Student-Teacher Practice and Observation starts(〜 24th)

6/ 5(Sat.)Special Kabuki Lecture(Sr.1 @National Theater in Tokyo)
at National Theater  Special Kabuki Lecture
  Performance: "Narukami"

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May 24 〜 5/25(Tue.)Mid-Term Exams (the 1st Day)

5/26(Wed.)Mid-Term Exams (the 2nd Day)

5/27(Thu.)Mid-Term Exams (the 3rd Day)

5/28(Fri.)Mid-Term Exams (the Last Day)
      Parent-Teacher Meeting for Returnees(13:00〜 @Lecture Hall)

May 17 〜 5/17(Mon.)Memorial Concert(PM: Jr.2 & Sr.2)
      Academic Achievement Test(PM: Sr.3)
Student Playing Harp Student Playing Piano Click Pictures to Zoom

5/18(Tue.)Academic Achievement Test(All Day: Sr.3)

May 10 〜 5/14(Fri.)Open School
      Course in "e-education" for Parents (15:30〜 @Multimedia
 At the first open school this year, many parents visited to see their children from the 1st period till club activities.
After school the course in "e-education" for Parents was also held and 44 parents participated .

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Open School Open School Course in e-education Course in e-education

5/15(Sat.)General Meeting of Student Council (Jr.)
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May 3 〜 5/ 3(Mon.)Constitution Memorial Day

5/ 4(Tue.)National Holiday

5/ 5(Wed.)Children's Day

5/ 8(Sat.)Parent-teacher Meeting(13:30〜 @Lecture Hall, Classrooms)

April 26 〜 4/26(Mon.)Physical Checkup(Jr1・Jr.2)
      Fire Drill(7th Per.)
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4/27(Tue.)Opening Ceremony of the Extracurricular Courses for Foreign Languages(15:50〜 @Lecture Hall)

4/28(Wed.)One-day School Excursion to Kamakura(Jr.2)
School Excursion School Excursion Click Pictures to Zoom

4/29(Thu.)Green Day

4/30(Fri.)One-day School Excursion to Noda (Jr.1)
      Parent-Teacher Meeting(Sr.1, PM)
      Career Guidance for Parents(PM)
School Excursion School Excursion Click Pictures to Zoom

5/ 1(Sat.)General Meeting of the Student Council(4th Per. @Gymnasium)

April 19 〜 4/19(Mon.)Physical Checkup(Sr.2・Sr.3)


      Physical Checkup(Sr.1・SR.2)

4/23(Fri.)Physical Checkup(Jr.2・Jr.3)

April 12〜 4/12(Mon.)School Crossing Campaign, until 17th
Teachers checked students at major school crossings to insure student safety and good manners.
朝の登校風景 朝の登校風景 Click these photos to zoom

4/13(Tue.)Physical Checkup, X-ray, Electrocardiogram in the afternoon

4/14(Wed.)Sr. 3: Academic Achievement Test

4/15(Thurs.)Dental Checkup

4/17(Sat.)Jr.3: Parent-Teacher Meeting, from 12:30 at the Lecture Hall

April 7 〜 4/ 7(Wed.)Year-starting Ceremony, Freshmen Entering Ceremony

New Classes Annouced Entering Ceremony Performance by Orchestra Click Pictures
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4/ 8(Thu.)Staring Classes(exept Freshmen)
      Starting Orientation for Freshmen (Jr.1 & Sr.1)
      Sr. Freshmen Welcome Assembly(4th 〜 6th Per. @Auditorium)

4/ 9(Fri.)Jr. Freshmen Welcome Assembly(5th & 6th Per. @Auditorium)
      Starting Classes (Sr. 1)

Welcome Assembly Welcome Assembly Click Pictures to Zoom

4/10(Sat.)Starting Orientation for Freshmen (Jr.)

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