Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 2nd Term, 2004  〜
From December 20th 12/ 22(Ths.)Closing Ceremony

〜 Shibumaku Weekly News will have break during winter vacation. 〜

渋谷幕張の一年   Click this and enjoy the year round of Shibumaku.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

From December 10th 12/ 13(Ths.)Term-End Exams, Day 3

12/ 14(Fri.)Term-End Exams, Day 4

12/ 16(Sat.)Test Return Day

From December 6th 12/ 9(Ths.)Term-End Exams, Day 1

12/ 10(Fri.)Term-End Exams, Day 2

12/ 11(Sat.)Studnets study at home.

From November 29th 12/ 1(Wed)Christmas Concert by the Chamber Music Club
 During lunch time Christmas Concert was held at light court.

クリスマスコンサート クリスマスコンサート   Click pictures to zoom.

Special Lecture
 Inviting Mr. Iwao Nakatani, President of Tama Uinversity, we had a special lecture at the auditorium. Students from JHS 3rd year to SHS 2nd year got together to attend the lecture.

進路講演会 進路講演会   Click pictures to zoom.

String Instruments Concert by students
String Instruments Concert was held by the students who are taking the extracurricular string instruments lessons.

発表会 発表会   Click these 発表会   movie  ( 612KB )
From November 22nd 11/24(Wed.)Jr.3: the Mock Trial
 One of our annual events "Mock Trial" was successfully held at the Lecture Hall under the guidance of the nine dedicated lawyers.

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模擬裁判 模擬裁判

From November 15th
11/16(Tue.)Open School Day
Course in e-education for Parents
Large numbers of parents visited school and observed lessons. After school we held a course in e-education for parents at Multimedia Room.

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e-education講座 e-education講座

11/19(Fri.)JHS: Chorus Festival

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優勝:3年5組 表彰式
Champions:3-5 「 Yama no Ibuki ( a breath of mountains )」
2nd place:2-1 「 Kikoeru ( I can hear )」
3rd place:3-7 「 Haru ni ( in spring )」
Champions of Jr.1st:1-8 「 COSMOS 」

From November 8th 11/10(Wed.)Meeting for the study of Science Education
Some science lessons were open to teachers of private high schools in Chiba. 48 science teachers visited us and observed our lessons. A lecture was also held.

From November 1st 11/3(Wed.)Cultural Day

11/4(Ths.)Sr.2: Proficiency Test

11/5(Fri.)Sr.2: Proficiency Test

11/6(Sat.)Kanji Certificate Test after school

From October 25th 10/26(Tue.)Mid-term exam Day 1
      Sr.3: regular schedule
      Sr.1: Parent-teacher meeting(13:00〜 in the Lecture Hall)

10/27(Wed.)Mid-term exam Day 2

10/28(Ths.)Mid-term exam Day 3

10/29(Fri.)Mid-term exam Day 4

From October 17th 10/17(Sun.)The Explanatory Meeting for the high school entrance exams
10/19(Tue.)Mid-term exam schedule announced
From today until the last day of the mid-term exam period students have no club activities. 

from October 11th 10/11(Mon.)Health and Sports Day

10/12(Tue.)Regular class starts

10/15(Fri.)Sr.3: Proficiency Test
      After School: The STEP Test in Practical English proficiency

10/16(土)Sr.3: Proficiency Test
      The Explanatory Meeting for the junior high school entrance
From October 3rd 10/ 3(Sun.)Sr.2, Group 1: School Trip to China

10/ 4(Mon.)Sr.2, Group 2: School Trip to China
        Jr.1, Jr.2, Sr.1: the Ceremony for the school excursion
        (1st period at the auditorium)

10/ 6(Wed.)Sr.3: School Excursion to Nara( 3 nights 4days)

10/ 7(Ths.)
        Jr.1: School Excursion to Kamogawa( 2 nights 3days)
        Jr.2: School Excursion to Aizu-Wakamatu ( 2 nights 3 days)
        Sr.1: School Excursion to Hiroshima( 2 nights 3 days)
        Sr.3: irregular schedule until 9

10/ 9(Sat.)Sr.3: Ball Festival
        Sr.2, Group 1: holiday in lieu
 This week our students, except Sr.3, went for an excursion. Due to the typhoon we had to change the schedule, but all the stuents came back safely.
 Senior 3rd students had classes according to the specially arranged schedule and had a ball festival.  

飯ごう炊爨の「カレー作り」 鋸山登山「地獄のぞき」   Jr.1 school excursion to Kamogawa

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From September 27 9/28(Tue.)Student-Teacher Training Session ends

9/30(Ths.)Students wear winter uniform from today

10/1(Fri.)Jr.3: The Special Lecture 
            (5th and 6th period, in the Lecture Hall)
We invited two judges of Chiba District Court. 

裁判官特別講座の様子 Click this photo to zoom

10/2(Sat.)Jr.3 and Sr.2: The ceremony for the school excursion
               (4th period, in the auditorium)

From September 20 9/20(Mon.)Respect For the Aged Day

9/21(Tue.)School Crossing Safety Campaign, until 25th

9/23(Ths.)Autumnal Equinox Day

9/24(Fri.)Attestation Ceremony for the staff members of the Student
      (from 15:30, in the executive room)

9/25(Sat.)JHS: Farewell Function for leaving New Zealand Students
       Sr.1: The Special Lecture for the field trip to Hiroshima
             ( 4th period in the auditorium)
             Lecturer: Ms Toshiko TAKAGI,
                the author of "The Glass Rabbit"

From September 13 9/13(Mon.)Holiday in lieu

9/14(Tue.)Sr.3: Career Guidance in the afternoon

9/15(Wed.)Student-Teacher Training Session starts
      Students from New Zealand arrived

35 New Zealand studnets, 6 teachers and 2 coordinators are now visiting Makuhari. Students will stay at their host families' for 2 weeks. They will visit lots of exciting sightseeing spots, such as Akihabara and Disneyland. This is one our exchanging programs.
Junior high school students had a welcome function in the auditorium today. 

ウエルカムセレモニーの様子   Click this photo and zoom in.

  the Photo Gallery of "Enju-sai"(Click here!)

From September 6 9/9 (Thu.)Preparation for cultural festival (All Day)

9/10 (Fri.)Preparation for cultural festival (All Day)

9/11 (Sat.)Cultural Festival "Enju-Sai", Day 1 (for Parents and

9/12 (Sun.)Cultural Festival "Enju-Sai", Day 2 (Open to Public)
The theme for this year is "the Colors of the Festival and the Shibumaku Hue".
Filled with originality and excitement, students' projects entertained over 10,000 visitors in total. Thank you very much for coming.

full of excitement

From September 1 9/1 (Wed.)Opening Ceremony
      Summer Asssignment Check Test(Jr.1〜Sr.2)、Achievement
Opening Ceremony  "The 2nd term's started."

Click this photo to zoom.

9/2 (Thu.)Summer Asssignment Check Test(Jr.1〜Sr.2)、Achievement
      Regular class in the afternoon(Jr.,Sr.1 and 2)

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