Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 3rd Term, 2004  〜
March 20 〜 3/20(Sun.)Vernal Equinox Day
      Sr. High Students leave for England Homestay Program
 England Homestay & Language Learning Program for Sr. High students has started.
 This year 32 students, including students from Shibuya High, are participating.
 They will be back on April 3 after 15-day stay.

   Departure…March 20(Sun.)12:00 @ Narita JL401
   Return…April 3(Sun.)12:35 @ Narita JL416   

3/21(Mon.)Holiday in Lieu

3/22(Tue.)Closing Ceremony(Jr.:9:00, Sr.:10:00)

3/23(Wed.)Spring Break(〜 Apr. 6)

3/25(Fri.)Jr.3 Students Return from NZ Homestay

   NZ99 16:25 @Narita 2nd Terminal Bld.   

〜 Shibumaku Weekly News will have Spring Break until the new school year starts. 〜

(※School is open from 9:00 to 17:00)

Thank you very much for staying with us for a year!!

March 14 〜 3/14(Mon.)Test Return Day
      Purchasing Textbooks(Sr.1 & 2)
      Photo Taking for New Year's ID Cards(Jr.1 & 2)

3/15(Tue.)Interview & Guidance Day for Appointed Students

3/16(Wed.)Students study at home(〜19th)

3/18(Fri.)School Goods Handed to New Freshmen for Sr. High
      Purchasing Textbooks

3/19(Sat.)Teachers' Meeting

March 7 〜 3/ 7(Mon.)Special Arranged Schdule (Jr.3)

3/ 8(Tue.)Final Exams(the 1st Day)
      Special Arranged Schdule (Jr.3)
      Examination for Transfer Students

3/ 9(Wed.)Final Exams(the 2nd Day)
      Jr. High Graduation Ceremony(9:00〜 @Auditorium)

3/10(Thu.)Final Exams(the 3rd Day)

3/11(Fri.)Final Exams(the Last Day)
      Jr.3 Students Leave for New Zealand Homestay
     (18:00 NZ90 from Narita)
      Guidance and Ceremony for England Homestay Program
 New Zealand Homestay Program started today and 268 Jr.3 students left Narita for NZ.
 Please Check out the Real-Time Report from NZ for how students are doing.(Linked to Top Page)

 Also, the Guidance and Ceremony for England Homestay Program, which starts from March 20th, was held for particitating students and parents.

3/12(Sat.)Test Marking Day (Students Study at Home)

February 28 〜 2/28(Mon.)Graduates are enrolled in the alumni association(9:50〜
      Rehearsal for Graduation Ceremony, Presentation of Awards
       (10:10〜 @Auditorium)
      Jr.3 Final Exams(The 1st Day)

3/ 1(Tue.)Sr. High Graduation Ceremony(10:00〜 @Auditorium)
 The 20th Graduation Ceremony was held at the auditorium and 316 graduates left Makuhari today.

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3/ 2(Wed.)A Week before Final Exams
      Jr.3 Final Exams(The 2nd Day)

3/ 3(Thu.)School Uniform Measurement(for new freshmen to Sr. High)
      Jr.3 Final Exams(The Last Day)

3/ 4(Fri.)Jr.3 Students Study at Home
      Attestation Ceremony for the staff members of the Student
      Council(12:40〜 @Executive Room)
      ※Shortened AM classes from 9:00 due to transportation
       troubles by snow

Makuhari in Snow  Click Piture for Motion Picture of Students playing with Snow Balls(12secs 287KB)

3/ 5(Sat.)Parent-Teacher Meeting(Jr.1 & Sr.1, PM)
      Test Return Day (Jr.3)

February 21〜 2/26(Sat.)Anniversary Day of School Foundation

February 14 〜 2/17(Thu.)Marathon Race for Absent Students on Feb.12th

Marathon Meet Marathon Meet   Click Pics to Zoom

2/19(Sat.)Campaign Speeches by Candidates for Student Council (Jr.)

February 7 〜 2/10(Thu.)Jr. 3 Students Recieve their Uniforms for Sr. High

2/12(Sat.)Marathon Meet

Marathon Meet Marathon Meet   Click Pics to Zoom

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January 31 〜 2/ 1(Tue.)Proficiency Tests (Jr. High)
      Preparation for Sr. High Entrance Exams(Shortened 6-period

2/ 2(Wed.)Jr. High Entrance Exam

2/ 3(Thu.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Jr. High Entrance

2/ 4(Fri.)Memorial Lecture
Dr. Masatoshi Koshiba from Tokyo University "You Can Do It If You Try Really Hard"
Pictures are to be shown later!

2/ 6(Sun.)School Uniform Measurement(for new freshmen to Jr. High)

January 24 〜 1/24(Mon.)Holiday in lieu

1/25(Tue.)Shortened Morning Classes due to Classroom Restoration
      Proficiency Tests (Sr.1&2)

1/26(Wed.)Proficiency Tests (Sr.2)

1/28(Fri.)Preparation for Sr. High Entrance Exams(Shortened 6-period

1/29(Sat.)Senior High Entrance Examinations

January 17 〜 1/17(Mon.)TAG (Taalented and Gifted students) Entrance Exams
      Registrating Personal Data of Government Sponsored
      Entrance Examination(Sr.3)

1/18(Tue.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of TAG Entrance

1/19(Wed.)Carta Meet(Jr.1: 1st Per.)
 The Carta Meet for Jr.1 students was held at the 1st period .
 Students were devided into groups of 5 to 8 and enjoyed Carta.
After the Meet best 3 students from each class were announced.

Carta Meet Carta Meet   Click Pics to Zoom

   Motion Picture 

1/21(Fri.)Preparation for Jr. High Entrance Exams(Shortened 6-period

1/22(Sat.)Jr. High Entrance Examinations(Students study at home)

January 10 〜 1/10(Mon.)Coming of Age Day

1/11(Tue.)Classes start
      School Uniform Measurement
       (for Jr.high students entering Sr.high)

1/12(Wed.)School Uniform Measurement
       (for Jr.high students entering Sr.high)

1/15(Sat.)Preparation for Entrance Exam (4th Per.)
      Government Sponsored Entrance Examination(the 1st Day)

1/16(Sun.)Government Sponsored Entrance Examination(the 2nd Day)

    〜 Calligraphy Exihbition Starts!! 〜

 The Calligraphy Exhibition started on the 1st floor of the Jr. high building. Every year around this time excellent works by 2nd-year students are exhibited, and visitors as well as students appreciate them.

Calligraphy Exhibition Works by students   Click Pics to Zoom

January 8 〜

Happy New Year from Shibumaku Weekly News!!

1/ 8(Sat.)Opening Ceremony(Jr. 10:30〜 Sr. 11:25〜)

 Click logo for pictures taken
 at ski trip for Jr. 2 in December.

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