Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 1st Term, 2004  〜
July 18 〜 7/18(Wed.)Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony
Presentation of Awards
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Second Photo is the Recognition of Praticipants in Inter-High School Meet in Chiba this summer.
The Participants

You can check opening hours of Libratry, Computer Room and Swimming Pool.
 ※Makuhari Students Only

Computer Room
Swimming Pool

〜 Shibumaku Weekly News will have break during Summer Vacation 〜

July 11 〜 7/16(Sat.)Special Opera for high school students (Sr. 2)
        (@the New National Theater, Opera Theater)
       Performance : "Madame Butterfly" by Puccini

July 4 〜 7/ 4(Mon.)Term-end Exams: The 1st Day

7/ 5(Tue.)Term-end Exams: The 2nd Day

7/ 6(Wed.)Students Study at Home

7/ 7(Thu.)Term-end Exams: The 3rd Day

7/ 8(Fri.)Term-end Exams: The 4th Day

June 27 〜 6/30(Thu.)Election of Student Council (Sr.)

Guidance for the Students who wish to go to Medical School

June 20 〜 6/21(Tue.)Campaign Speeches through School Radio by Candidates for Student Council (Sr.)

6/21(Tue.)Concert by Strings Instrument Club

Light Court
Light Court
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6/22(Wed.)Chiba Pref. Governor Ms. Akiko Domoto visited the school

Ms. Domoto gave Jr. High students a speech and sahred precious time with them.

at Auditorium
at Auditorium
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June 13 〜 6/15(Wed.)Chiba Prefectural Day

6/18(Sat.)Mathematics Proficiecy Test

June 6 〜 6/ 8(Wed.)Special Lecture of IT Security

Lecuturer:Chiba Police Cyber Crime Department IT Securyty Advisor
              Mr. Hoshino

Mr. Hoshino gave us a lecture on the danger beneath our IT society and how to protect ourselves from that.

Special Lecture of IT Security
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6/10(Fri.)STEP English Proficiency Test

6/11(Sat.)Special Kabuki Lecture (Sr.1 : @National Theater in Tokyo)

Performance: "Kenuki"

Students Assenmbled in front of Theater
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May 30 〜 5/30(Tue.)Usual Classes(Sports Festival was put off due to the rain.)

6/ 1(Wed.)Student-Teacher Practice and Observation starts

6/ 1(Wed.)Sports Festival:the 1st Day

 The Opening Ceremony was held at the Gymnasium due to the rain, but all other events went on as was scheduled. 

Opening Ceremony
the 1st Playground
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6/ 2(Thu.)Sports Festival:the 2nd Day

 Although it started raining from around noon, it wasn't much enough to stop any scheduled events. 

Announcement of Winners
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CHAMPIONS  White  979Pts
2nd Place  Yellow  771Pts
3rd Place  Red  749Pts
4th Place  Blue  707Pts

6/ 4(Sat.)Kanji Proficiency Test

May 23 〜 5/23(Mon.)Mid-term Exams (the 1st Day)

5/24(Tue.)Mid-term Exams (the 2nd Day)

5/25(Wed.)Students Study at Home

5/26(Thu.)Mid-term Exams (the 3rd Day)

5/27(Fri.)Mid-term Exams (the 4th Day)

May 16 〜 Due to the examination weeks, students are not allowed to enter staff rooms.

5/17(月)Memorial Concert(PM Jr2. & Sr.2)

Memorial Concert
Memorial Concert
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1.Le Nozze di Figaro Overture       Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2.Piano Concerto In A Minor Op 16 3.Allegro Moderato
                          Edvard Hagerup Grieg
3.Symphony No.3 "Scottish"        Felix Mendelssohn

Conductor:Chikashi Tanaka
Performance:Revolution Ensamble
Solist:Megumi Kitamura(Sr.3)

May 9 〜 5/ 9(Mon.)Physical Checkup(Sr.1・2)

5/11(Wed.)Physical Checkup(Jr.2・3)

5/12(Thu.)Open Classes

Course in "e-education" for Parents (15:20〜 @Multimedia        Room)

 Course in "e-education" for Parents was held after Open Classes, and 44 parents took the course.  

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5/13(Fri.)Physical Checkup(Jr.1・2)

5/14(Sat.)General Meeting of the Jr. High Student Council(4th Per. @Gymnasium)

May 2 〜 5/ 3(Tue.)Constitution Memorial Day

5/ 4(Wed.)National Holiday

5/ 5(Thu.)Children's Day

5/ 6(Fri.)Physical Checkup(Sr.2・Sr.3)

5/ 7(Sat.)Career Guidance for Jr. High Parents(PM)

General Meeting of the Sr. High Student Council(4th Per. @Gymnasium)

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April 25 〜 4/25(Mon.)Fire Drill

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4/27(Wed.)Chorus Club Welcome Concert for Freshmen

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4/29(Fri.)Green Day

4/30(Sat.)Career Guidance for Parents (Sr.)

April 18 〜 4/19(Tue.)Jr. High Brass Band Welcome Concert for Freshmen

Welcome Concert Click Picture
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4/20(Wed.)Opening Ceremony of Extracurricular Course for
String Instruments

April 11 〜 We are on School Crossing Campaign This Week!

School Crossing Campaign School Crossing Campaign Click Pics
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4/11(Mon.)Freshmen Welcome Assembly (Jr.High)

4/13(Wed.)Physical Checkup

4/14(Thu.)Dental Checkup

4/16(Sat.)Parent-teacher Meeting (Sr.1)

April 7 〜 4/ 7(Thu.)Year-opening Ceremony, Freshmen Entering Ceremony

New Classes Announced Freshmen Entering Ceremony Freshmen Swearing In Click Pics
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4/ 8(Fri.)Staring Classes(exept Freshmen)
      Starting Orientation for Freshmen (Jr.1 & Sr.1)

4/ 9(Sat.)Sr. Freshmen Welcome Assembly(1st 〜 3rd Per. @Auditorium)

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