Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 2nd Term, 2005  〜
December 19th
12/22(Thu.)Closing Ceremony(Jr. 10:30〜 Sr. 11:35〜)
      The Ceremony for the Ski Trip(11:00〜 @Auditorium)

wreath Somebody decorated the wisteria trellis with a Christmas wreath.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

〜 Shibumaku Weekly News will have break during the winter vacation. 〜

December 12th
Dec.12th(Mon.)Term-End Exams, Day 3

Dec.13th(Tue.)Term-End Exams, Day 4

Dec.15th(Wed.)Test Return Day

The Music Club had a little Christmas Concert at the 1st floor of the high school building.

xmas concert
December 5th
Dec.8th(Thu.)Term-End Exams, Day 1
Dec.9th(Thu.)Term-End Exams, Day 2
Look at our Christmas illumination! We hope this can please the eyes of passersby.

November 28th
Nov.29th(Tue.)Christmas Concert by the Chamber Music Club
During the lunch break, Christmas Concert by the Chamber Music Club was held.

Christmas Concert
Nov.30th(Wed.)Jr.3:The Mock Trial(at Lecture Hall)

模擬裁判1 模擬裁判2 Click these photos and zoom.

   The annual Mock Trial by Jr.3 students was held by the Lawyers' Association in    Tokyo. Students have learned how the trial is held through this first-hand experience.

November 21st
Nov.23rd(Wed.)Labor Thanksgiving Day
Nov.26th(Sat.)Career Guidance for Sr.2
Four alumni came back to school to talk to Sr.2 students. Students seemed to be inspired to greater efforts by their campus life, their current objectives and sincere advice for taking college entrance exams.

Career Guidance
November 14th
Nov.14th(Mon.)The Week of Open Class for teachers
 After School:High School Soccer Team had a game with Zico Japan
Our soccer team had the good luck of having a game with Zico Japan. We were completely beaten by a score of 0 to 6, but we say this was a precious experience for us.

Zico Japan
Nov.15th(Tue.)Open School
       After School:Course in e-education for parents

Nov.18th(Fri.)JHS:Chorus Festival
Chorus Festival
Champion:3-7 In Spring (Haru ni)
2nd place:3-4 Cross Over to Tommorow
(Ashita ni Watare)
3rd place:2-1 The Ocean with Memories
(Kimi to Mita Umi)
   The champions 3-7 Click this photo to zoom.

Nov.19th(Sat.)TV Meeting #2

TV Meeting
TV Meeting Screen
Click these photos to zoom.
Creating opportunity for "communication," which can promote positive attitude, cultivate independence of mind, and develop socializing skills, is an important objective in education. Our project, TV Meeting, in which we expected utilization of wisdom outside the campus, has achieved success to some extent.
From November 7
Chorus Contest is coming soon. Each class takes time for preparation before and after classes, or at the lunch break.

Chorus Practice
October 31
11/1(Tue.)J2: The Lecture of Energy

The Lecture of Energy was held in Jr.high for the 2nd grade and the Tepco Chiba Branch gave the lecture, showing some interesting experiments.

lecture of energy
11/3(Wed.)Cultural Day

11/5(Sat.)High School PC-Concours 2005

opening ceremony
Click photos and zoom.
 Our computer club participated in High School PC-Concours held in Aizu, Fukushima.

October 24
Oct.24(Mon.)Mid-term Exams, Day 1

Oct.25(Tue.)Mid-term Exams, Day 2

Oct.26(Wed.)Students Study at Home

Oct.27(Ths.)Mid-term Exams, Day 3

Oct.28(Fri.)Mid-term Exams, Day 4

We've found "autumn" in our campus. Some rose bushes are in fruit now. We can appreciate not only their flowers but their fruit. This photo was taken in our rose garden in front of the auditorium.

October 17
Oct.17(Mon.)Sr.3: Proficisnsy Test
           A week before Mid-Term Exams
Oct.18(Tue.)Sr.3: Proficiency Test

When we have a beautilful weather, the glass ceiling of the junior highschool building remain open. Students enjoy comfortable sunshine and autumn breeze.

glass ceiling
October 10
Oct.10(Mon.)Health-Sports Day
        Jr.1: School Excursion to Kamogawa.(2 nights 3 days)
        Jr.2: School Excursion to Aizu-Wakamatsu.(2 nights 3 days)
        Sr.1: School Excursion to Nagasaki.(2 nights 3 days)

Trip to Aizu
Trip to Nara
Click these to zoom!
           Jr.2(Aizu)      Jr.3(Nara)

Oct.13(Ths.)Holiday in Lieu

Oct.14(Ths.)Regular Class Starts

October 3
Oct.3(Ths.)Sr.2: Group 1 School Trip to China

Oct.7(Fri.)Sr.2: Group 2 School Trip to China

Every day we report this school trip from China. You can access to the report from the top page. Please check it.

Oct.9(Sun.)Jr.3: School Excursion to Nara(3 nights 4days)

Jr.2: having a meeting for the school excursion to Aizu-Wakamatsu.

SCREEN Click this to zoom!

For the coming school excursion next week, students have a meeting almost every day. They have been studying about its culture, history and geography of the place they are supposed to visit in this excursion. Now students are ready to leave!
September 26
9/26(Mon.)TV Conference with sister schools was held

For the first time, the TV conference was held among three Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Schools: Shibuya-Shibuya, Shibuya-Waseda-Singapore and Shibuya-Makuhari. High school students from Japan and Singapore actively discussed some interesting topics through up-to-date IT facilities.

SCREEN Click these to zoom!

9/30(Fri.)New Zealand Farewell Ceremony
All the junior high school students attended the ceremony. New Zealand students are going home tomorrow after the farewell party at school.

Click these to zoom!
      JHS: The Ceremony for the School Excursion
Next week junior high school students are going to Kamogawa (Jr.1), Aizu(Jr.2), Nara(Jr.3) for school excursions.
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September 19
9/19(Mon.)Respect for the Aged Day

9/20(Tue.)New Zealand students arrived at Shibumaku.
This year 38 students are visiting Shibumaku with 6 teachers . During their 2 week stay, they will enjoy various activities like going on "Tokyo City Tour" and having a cultural exchange with Makuhari Minami Elementary School. They will stay with Shibumaku Students.

9/21(Wed.) JHS: Welcome Ceremony for NZ students. (1st period)
SPEECH NZSONG Click these to zoom!

9/23(Fri.)the Autumnal Equinox

September 12
9/12(Mon.)Holiday in lieu

9/13(Tue.)Two AEDs are installed in our school.
    (at the swimming build. and the 1st floor of the highschool build.)
An AED, Automated External Defibrillator, is a small, lightweight device that analyzes a person's heart rhythm and can recognize sudden cardiac arrest. When a person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, the chance of survival decreases by 10% for each minute that passes without defibrillation. Before this installation, all the staff members of Shibumaku attended the session in which how to use an AED was demonstarated.

September 5
9/8(Ths.)Preparation for Cultural Festival (All Day)

9/9(Fri.)Preparation for Cultural Festival (All Day)

9/10(Sat.)Cultural Festival "Enju-Sai", Day 1
                        (for Parents and Graduates)

The theme for this year is "Shibumaku: promoting a new generation." Our posters, pumphrets and gate were created according to this theme.

Click these to zoom!

9/11(Sun.)Cultural Festival "Enju-Sai", Day 1 (Open to Public)
This year we had 11500 visitors for 2 days. Thank you for visiting us!

September 1
9/1(Ths.)Opening Ceremony(morning)
     Jr.1〜Sr.2: Summer Assignment Check Test
     Sr.3: Achievement Test(afternoon)

9/2(Fri.)Sr.1: Summer Assignment Check Test (all day)
     Jr. and Sr.2: Summer Assignment Check Test in the morning
     Regular class in the afternoon 
     Sr.3:Achievement Test (all day)
Award-Giving Ceremony
Click this to zoom!

After the opening ceremony, the award-giving ceremony was held. Students in various clubs won prizes and awards during summer holidays.

9/3(Sat.)Peace and Love Posters in the lobby
Click these to zoom!

Shu Kataoka's "Peace and Love Posters" are introduced in the lobby of the highschool building. He created the school logo and emblem of Shibumaku.

Shu Kataoka

1932 Born in Hiroshima.
1945 He was 800m away from where the atomic bomb hit.
   At that time he was in the first grade of junior high school.
1958 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, specializing in design.

  ・Worked in the publicity department of Shiseido and Suntory,
  ・Joined Yoshio Hayakawa design office

1966 Founded "siu-graphica"
1985- Started to have the exibition of Love and Peace Posters,
       in Hiroshima, New York, Warsaw, Sendai and Okinawa,
1997 Deceased in December.

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