Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 3rd Term, 2005  〜
February 27
2/28(Tue.)SHS:Rehearsal for Graduation Ceremony,
         Presentation of Awards
        Graduates are enrolled in the Alumni association.(auditorium)

3/1(Wed.)Graduation Ceremony
           The 21st Graduation Ceremony was held at the auditorium.
           335 students left Makuhari this year.

graduation Students come to the stage and they are handed the certificate by the Principal one by one.

           Please check the page "Events" for more pictures.
February 20
2/25(Sat.)SHS: Guidance for the students who wish to go to Medical or Pharmaceutical school

We invited three alummi who are majoring in medicine or pharmacy in college. They gave students useful information and advice. Their thoughtful words inspired students a lot.

February 13
2/15(Wed.)Asia Academy for Sr.1

   As a program of social studies, Makuhari Asia Academy was held for Sr.1 students. We invited three researchers from Institute of Developing Economies, Ms. Jingmiao Li from China, Mr. Zin THANT from Myanmar and Ms. Vanniya EMASIRI from Thailand. The lecture was given in English.

asia Lecuturers shared interesting information and students listened seriously.

2/18(Sat.)Marathon Meet

This annual event was held although it was really cold.

February 6
2/7(Tue.)The Anniversary Lecture

         Lecturer: Mr. Makoto Shiina
         Theme: Rediscover Japan
             through learning cultures

2/11(Sat.)National Foundatoin Day

January 30
1/30(Mon.)Ground-Breaking Ceremony

Shinto priest
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 Our school ground is going to be transformed into one with artificial turf. The ground-breaking ceremony was held by the Shinto-priests.

2/2 (Ths.)Junior High School Entrance Exams

2/3 (Fri.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior High School Entrance Exams

2/4 (Sat.)Student Council Election(4th period)

All the junior high school students listened to the campaign speeches in the auditorium, and voted.

January 23
1/27(Fri.)High School Entrance Exam

1/28(Sat.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of High School
        Entrance Examination

The baseball and soccer teams practice even after it gets dark.

January 16th
1/16(Mon.)High School Entrance Exam for TAG
   (TAG: Talented and Gifted students)
1/17(Tue.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of TAG Entrance

1/21(Sat.)Junior High School Entrance Examination

The snow that began falling the previous night kept falling silently all day. We had the junior high school entrance exam on such a snowy day. It was tough for applicants to walk on the wet and slippery road.

JHS Entrance Exam
January 10th

Happy New Year from Shibuyaku Weekly News!!

1/10(Tue.)Opening Ceremony(Jr. 10:30〜 Sr. 11:25〜)
       New Year Memorial Lecture
After the onening ceremony for Sr. high school, Mr. Satoshi Yamazaki, who studied at Shibumaku in the 1st year and now majoring in engineering at Cambridge University, gave us a lecture titled "My springtime of life that was given". Not only 3rd year students, at the same age as Mr. Yamazaki but many other Sr. high students were so impressed with their friend's life experiences.

New Year Lecture

1/11(水)Robot Lecture by Dr. Takayuki Furuta

After school, Dr. Takayui Fuita, the head of fuRo, Future Robot Technology Center at Chiba Institute of Technology, gave students a lecture. Dr. Furuta told the students his experiences as a robot researcher and many other interesting stories from his spot of research. The students enjoyed studying the mechanism of a human-figure robot "morph3" by watching it to pieces.

Robot Lecture

1/12(木)Special Lecture by Mr. Toru Kunimatsu(PM: Jr.3, Sr.1 & 2)

Mr. Toru Kunimatsu from Yomiuri Shimbun Company gave Jr.3 and Sr.1&2 students a special lecture titled "Essential Nature for a Cosmopilitan". Mr. Kunimatu gave us a speech on what is needed as a cosmopilitan and what a pressman does through his experiences as a journalist. The students listened to his interesting stories and asked him questions so enthusiastically.


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