Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 1st Term, 2006  〜
July 17th
7/17(Mon.)Marine Day

7/20(Ths.)Closing Ceremony
       Awarding・Pep Rally

closing ceremony *Closing Ceremony*
After singing the school song in unison, Principal addresses the students.

Clubs' remarkable achievements were announced and Principal awarded those clubs certificates of merit, medals and trophies.

Awarding・Pep Rally
Pep Rally *SHS Pep Rally*
After the ceremony, all the clubs that participate in the National Meet came up to the stage. This year Drill, Karate, Swimming and Go Club advance to the National Meet.

        Lecture for students who want to study at medical school
       −The present state of things in entrance exams for medical schools−
           from 13:00 to 14:30 at Lecture Hall

medical school Students who want to study at medical school had a chance to get useful information.

〜 Thank you for reading Shibumaku Weekly News. We have summer holidays during August. 〜

July 10th
7/10(Mon.)Test Return Day

7/11(Tue.)Lecture in Biology, "Water and Life"

            Lecturer: Prof. Nobuo Suzuki
                   Instructor Ms. Kazuko Kita

                    Environmental Biochemistry,
                    Graduate School of Medicine and School of Medicine,
                    Chiba University

Lecture in Biology We invited teachers of Chiba University and held a lecture in biology for 2nd and 3rd year students who are interested in Biology. It was an ideal chance for them to know about the cutting-edge of medical studies.

7/12(Wed.)NZ students from Wainuiomata visit Shibumaku

Wainuiomata 15 students and two teachers of Wainuiomata High School in Wellington, New Zealand dropped by Shibumaku. Wainuiomata High School is one of the host schools of our homestay program in March for junior 3rd year students.

Wainuiomata students having a Japanese-style lunch with their friends in Shibumaku.

at cafeteria

7/14(Fri.)Sr.2:Opera at New National Theater Tokyo
          P.Mascagni: CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA

July 3rd
7/3(Mon.)Term-End Exam, Day 1

7/4(Tue.)Term-End Exam, Day 2

7/5(Wed.)Study at home

7/6(Ths.)Term-End Exam, Day 3

7/7(Fri.)Term-End Exam, Day 4
         Ceremony for Homestay in America(13:00〜, at UV )
        Share the Experience of Studying Abroad(13:00〜, Kokusai Seminar)
homestay in America Picture from the ceremony for homestay in America

Two students who studied in the U.S. for one year came back to Shibumaku and shared their experience with other students. Share the Experience

June 26th
6/29(Ths.)Jr.2 and 3: Drug Education

Junior High School 2nd and 3rd year students had a chance to learn about how terrible the abuse of drugs is. drug education

June 19th
6/23(Fri.)Open School

            e-education for parents

e-education The lecture of e-education for parents was held after school and 21 parents participated.

            The Chamber Music Club Concert
During lunch time, the chamber music club held a small concert. concert

June 12
6/12(Mon)Two students, from Raffles Junior College in Singapore,
    vistied Shibumaku

raffles Last Friday, two students came to Shibaumaku to experience Japanese highschool life. Just for a few days, but they stayed at Shibumaku students' and joined lessons with their hosts.

6/14(Wed.)Memorial Concert

The Annual Memorial Concert was held for Jr. and Sr. 2 students at the auditorium. The orchestra consisting of graduate students from Tokyo College of Music and sisters from our students performed Bach's "Double Violin Concerto in D Minor" and so on. Memorial Concert
6/15(Thu.)Chiba Prefectural Day

June 5
6/9Thu.)Special lecture of Information Security (Jr.1)

Information Security Lecture Jr. 1 students invited Mr. Hoshino, an information securyty advisor from Chiba Police Cyber Crime Department.

6/10(Sat.)Special Kabuki Lecture (Sr.1 : at National Theater in Tokyo)

May 29
5/29(Mon.)Mid-term Examinations, the 3rd Day

5/30(Tue.)Mid-term Examinations, the 4th Day

6/1(Thu.)Sports Festival, the 1st Day

playground volleyball Click Pics
 to Zoom
On a great day for sports under the sunshine, both Jr. and Sr. students played various ball games.

6/2(Fri.)Sports Festival, the 2nd Day

Ready, set ... Go!! Centipede Relay Tug of War
Track and Field Events were held by Jr. students in the morning and by Sr. students in the afternoon. Parents and all the guests: thank you very much for coming and cheering up our students!!

May 22nd
5/25(Thu.)Mid-term Examinations, the 1st Day

5/26(Fri.)Mid-term Examinations, the 2nd Day

5/27(Sat.)Students study at home,
       Parent-teacher Meeting for Returnee Students

Ready for Exams? The Mid-term Exams started this week. Many students looked busy studying for upcoming exams at the library.

May 15th
5/17(Wed.)Opening Ceremony for Extracurricular Courses of
       String Instruments

The extracurricular courses of string instruments started, and the opening ceremony was held at the lecture hall. String Instruments Course

Model Performance Four Instructors gave us a model performace, and students were fascinated with their wonderful harmony.

5/18(Thu.)Students from China visit Shibumaku

Eleven Sr.1 and Sr. 2 Chinese students visited our school as a part of a New 21st Century Comittee for Japan-China Friendship program. The stay was only for two days, but they made friends with many of our students.

China visit
China visit
China visit
China visit
May 8th
5/8(Mon.)Physical Checkup(Sr.1 and 2)

5/10(Wed.)Physical Checkup(Jr.2and 3)

5/11(Thu.)Lunch Break: Welcoming new students event
      "Let's play shogi!A"

At lunch break shogi club held shogi meet for freshmen, which was well recieved at the first time 3 weeks ago.

Shogi club
5/12(Fri.)Physical Checkup(Jr.1 and 2)

5/13(Sat.)General Meeting of the Senior High Student Coucncil
      (4th Period)

All the Junior-High stundents got together in the auditorium to have a general meeting.

May 1st
May 1st(Mon.)Physical Checkup(Sr.2 and 3)

May 3rd(Wed.)Consitution Memorial Day

May 4th(Ths.)National Holiday

May 5th(Fri.)Children's Day

May 6th(Sat.)General Meeting of the Senior High Student Coucncil
       (4th period at the auditorium)

student assembly All the stundents got together in the auditorium to have a general meeting.

April 24th
April 24th(Mon.)After School: Fire Drill

evacuating assembeld dismissed Click these to zoom.

We held a drill on the premise that a powerful earthquake had struck Chiba and a fire had started in the cooking room.

April 27th(Ths.)JHS Brass Band Welcome Concert for freshmen
                      (Lunch Break)

A welcome cocert by the junior high school brass band was held for freshmen.

brass band
April 28th(Fri.)Jr.1: Field trip to Noda
         Jr.2: Field Trip to Kamakura

noda Students come to the designated field in groups and they are dismissed there. They plan everything, such as which train to take, what to visit and where to have lunch, by themselves. According to the well- planned schedule, they actually visit, see and experience what they studied in books.

April 17th
April 17th(Mon.)School Crossing Campaign, until 22nd

School Crossing Campaign Teachers checked students at major school crossings to insure student safety and good manners.

      Lunch Break: Welcoming new students event "Let's play shogi!"

The Shogi Club hold an event for junior first year students at the first floor of the junior highschool building.

Shogi club
April 18th(Tue.)After School: A Debate held by JHS debate club

                   High School Brass Band Concert

debate The junior high school debate club held a debate on "whether Doraemon should go back to the 22 century or not." to welcome new students.

High School Brass Band had a concert to welcome freshmen. brass concert
April 20th(Ths.)Dental Checkup

April 10th
4/ 12(Wed.)Physical Checkup (in the afternoon)

We have a space called "CNN corner" on the second floor of the junior highschool building. Students can watch CNN during lunch break and after school. Some students of the lacrosse club watched CNN Saturday afternoon.

CNN corner
April 7th
April 7(Fri.)Year-Opening Ceremony, Entrance Ceremony

Pledge Hallelujah Welcome to Makuhari Click photos to zoom!

We've started the new school year with 312 junior high school 1st year students and 81 high school freshmen.

class photo
artificial turf ground Finally our artificial turf ground was completed, and we had an opening ceremony for this new facility.

We invited Mr. Michel MIYAZAWA, who is a famous soccor commentator at NHK. He cut the ribbon with student representatives.

April 8(Sat.)Starting Classes(except Freshmen)
      Jr.1 and Sr.1: Starting Orientation for Freshmen

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