Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 2nd Term, 2006  〜
December 18th
12/21(Thu.)Cleanup Day

      Chiristmas Concert by Music Club and Guitar Club
         (2nd Floor & Jr. High Building Hall)

Guitar Club Music Club
12/22(Fri.)Closing Ceremony

      Christmas Concert by Jr. High Brass Band
      (Jr. High Building Hall)

Closing Ceremony Brass Band

        Closing Ceremony       Christmas Concert by Brass Band

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

〜 Shibumaku Weekly News will have winter break 〜

December 11th
12/11(Mon.)Term-end Exams: the 3rd Day

12/12(Tue.)Term-end Exams: the 4th Day

12/13(Wed.)Students study at home

12/14(Thu.)Students study at home

12/15(Fri.)Test Return Day

December 4th
12/7(Thu.)Term-end Exams: the 1st Day

12/8(Fri.)Term-end Exams: the 2nd Day

12/9(Tue.)Students study at home

illumination Our Rose Zone is illuminated for Christmas. Did you notice that we are decorating more lights every year?

November 27th
November 30(Thu.)Jr.3: Mock Trial (at Lecture Hall)

mock trial In this annual event, teachers also take the roles of the defendant and witness. Students take the roles of the defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges, and the mock trial progesses with advice given by the real lawyers.

Npvember 20th
November 23 (Ths.)Thanksgiving Day
November 25(Sat.)Career Guidance for high school students
                 (at Lecture Hall, 12:25〜)
        Jr.3:Parents Meeting For New Zealand Homestay Program
                 (at the auditorium, afternoon)

visiting Music club visited Makuhari Day-care Center on Saturday and presented children's songs to senior citizens. Music club visits this center once a year.

November 13rd
November 15 (Wed.)Open Classes
       e-education for parents(After School @Multi-media Room)

November 17 (Fri.)Jr. High: Chorus Contest(Auditorium)

Chorus Contest Jr. high school held the annual chorus contest at the auditorium.

Grand Campion:3-5 "Nazuke rareta Ha
   2nd Place:3-1 "IN TERRA PAX"
   3rd Place:3-2 "Haru ni"
1st year Champion1-1 "TOMORROW"
1st year 2nd Place1-3 "Kaiju no Ballad"
1st year 2nd Place1-5 "COSMOS"
2nd year Champion2-3 "Tenohira wo Kazashite"
2nd year 2nd Place2-6 "Toki no Tabibito"
2nd year 2nd Place2-7 "Ashita we"

November 6th
November 10(Fri.)UNISEC Outreach Project: practical space development activities in universities and colleges

suzuki yoshitaka The lecturer Suzuki Yoshitaka, who graduated from Shibumaku in March 2001, gave a lecture as a part of UNISEC outreach project intended to open the doors to those who wish to join the space development. He is a graduate student of University of Tokyo, Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory, which belongs to UNISEC: University Space Engineering Consortium.

Through his lecture students have learned about the current space development activities. Students were fascinated with the fact that they would be able to join those activities in Universities and colleges.

lecture about space development
October 30th
October 30(Mon.)Two exchange students from France visit Shibumaku.
     They stay at Shibumaku students' and come to school every day. Although they
    stay with us just for a few weeks, we hope they can share a lot of things with their
    new friends.

The tricolor is flattering in the sky to welcome the exchange students from France.



November 1(Wed.)Welcome Function for the students from France
                 (at Light Court, during lunch break)

welcome function We held a welcome function for the exchange students.

       Jr.2: The Lecture of Energy
We invited a lecturer of the Tepco Chiba for junior high school 2nd year students to learn about energy.

energy lecture
October 23rd
October 23(Mon.)Midterm Exam, Day 1

October 24(Tue.)Midterm Exam, Day 2
        AED Workshop for Teachers(at the auditorium, afternoon)
AED Workshop The Workshop was held for teachers to learn how to use AED. They also learned basic life support skills such as artificial respiration and chest compressions. We had the same workshop in the first term. Now Shibumaku has two AEDs and teachers who can use them. We are well-equipped!

October 25(Wed.)Study at Home

October 26(Ths.)Midterm Exam, Day 3

October 27(Fri.)Midterm Exam, Day 4

October 28(Sat.)The Explanatory Meeting for the Junior HIgh School Entrance Examinations (14:00〜, at the auditorium)

October 16th
October 17(Tue.)Sr.3:Academic Proficiency Tests
        A Week before Mid-term Exams
Jr. 1st students had a practise meeting for upcoming Intramural Chorus Contest in November. They are looking forward to their first chorus contest!!

Practice for Chorus Contest
October 18(Wed.)Sr.3:Academic Proficiency Tests

October 9th
October 9(Mon.)Health-Sports Day
        Jr.1: Field Trip to Kamogawa(2 nights 3days)
        Jr.2: Field trip to Aizu(2 nights 3days)
        Jr.3:Field Trip to Nara(3 nights 4days)
        Sr.1: Filed Trip to Nagasaki(2 nights 3days)

click these to zoom.
                 Jr.1(Kamogawa)            Jr.3(Nara)

October 12 (Ths.)Holiday in lieu

October 13(Fri.)Regular Class Starts

October 1st
October 4(Wed.)Sr.2:Ceremony for School Trip to China(@Lecture Hall)

October 6(Fri.)Ceremony for Excursion Trips(@Auditorium)

Meeting for excursion trip The ceremony for school excustoin trip was held for each grade; Jr.1 students are going to Kamogawa, Jr.2 to Aizu, Jr.3 to Nara, and Sr.1 to Nagasaki.

Sr.2 sstudents having ceremony for school trip

Sr. 2 students are divided into two groups and will travel in China from Oct. 5-10 or Oct 6-11, visiting Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. Check out the real-time report from the top page!!

school trip to China
September 25th
September 29(Fri.)Attestation Ceremony for the staff members of the Student Council

September 30(Sat.)JHS: Farewell Function for leaving NZ Students

Following the speeches, each student was given a certificate of the two week homestay program. They also chorused songs popular in New Zealand, and we showed kendo performance, which they really loved. At the end, there was a great chorus of "POKARE KARE". The title of this song means "see you again."

certification speech
kendo performance Staying at Shibumaku students', we hope they've learned something new and different in Japan.

September 18th
September 18(Mon.)Respect for Aged Day

September 20(Wed.)Welcome Ceremony for NZ Students

Greetings Fellow students from New Zealand visited us as an annual event. We held a welcome ceremony for them at the auditorium. NZ students will stay in Japan for two weeks.

<Song by NZ students>
NZ students performed several songs including their school anthems.

dance <Haka Dance by NZ Boys>
Following songs, boys performed haka, a traditional Maori dance.

<Performance by Makuhari Karate club>
Great applause was given to their excellent performance.
karate performance
  September 23(Sat.)Autumnal Equinox Day
September 11th
September 11 (Mon.)Holiday in lieu

September 12(Tue.)Sr.3:Career Guidance in the afternoon

We made a photo gallery of Enju-sai, School Festival.      

September 4th
September 4(Mon.)Sr.3: Proficiency Test

September 7(Ths.)Prepartaion for Cultural Festival (all day)

September 8(Fri.)Prepartaion for Cultural Festival (all day)

September 9(Sat.)Cultural Festival "Enju-Sai", Day 1
                            (for parents and graduates)

The theme for this year is "Eruption Festival −Let our creativeness blow up−". You can see volcanos on our gate.

9/10(日)Cultural Festival "Enju-Sai", Day 2 (Open to Public)

soccer game We had a game with U18FC Tokyo at our ground.

Though it was extremely hot and humid, we had as many as 11783 visitors for two days. Thank you for visiting us!

September 1st
September 1(Fri.)Opening Ceremony
      Afternoon:Summer Assignment Check Test(Jr.1 - Sr.2)
At the beginning of the opening ceremony, we sing our school song.

Opening Ceremony
9/2(Sat.)JHS, Sr.1 and 2:Summer Assignment Check Test
      Sr.3:Achievement Test

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