Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 3rd Term, 2007  〜
March 19th
3/21(Wed.)Vernal Equinox Day

3/22(Ths.)Closing Ceremony

closing ceremony award giving After the closing ceremony, several awards were presented.

3/23(Fri.)Spring Break (Until April 6th)

Shibumaku Weekly News will have Spring Break until the new school year starts.

(※ School is open from 9:00 to 17:00.)

Thank you very much for staying with us for a year!!

March 12th
3/14(Wed.)Test Return Day

cherry blossoms The young cherry tree planted in the school yard last year has now come into bloom.

March 5th
3/6(Tue.)Final Exams Day 1

3/7(Wed.)Final Exams Day 2
      Jr.3:Ceremony for New Zealand Homestay Trip

3/8(Ths.)Study at Home

3/9(Fri.)Final Exams Day 3
     Jr.3:Left for New Zealand

     Jr.3 students left Narita for New Zealand.
     Check our real-time report linked from the top page.

3/10(Sat.)Final Exams Day 4

February 26th
2/26(Mon.)Anniversary Day of School Foundation

2/28(Wed.)SHS: Rehearsal for Graduation Ceremony
        Presentation of Awards
        Graduates are enrolled in the Alumni Association

3/1 (Ths.)SHS: Graduation Ceremony

Mr.Tamura valedictory teaching staff

     The 22nd Graduation Ceremony was held.
      339 students left Makuhari this year. Congratulations.

February 19th
2/21(Wed.)A science assistant Mr.Tomita's presentation of his master's
    thesis on humanoid(at Physics and Earth Science Room, 16:00〜)

      A Concert of Extracurricular Course for String Instruments
                        (before UV room,16:30〜)
presentation Mr.Tomita presented his master's thesis for our students. He has been studying the function of sole of a foot and how it could be applied to humanoid. Students listened attentively to his presentation.

Students attending once-a-week string instruments course had a small concert.

concert of string instruments
2/22(Ths.)Jr.3:Final Exams Day1

2/23(Fri.)Jr.3:Final Exams Day2

2/24(Sat.)Jr.3:Final Exams Day3

      Sr.1 and 2:Guidance for the students who wish to go to Medical
                or Pharmaceutical school(UV室, 12:40〜)
guidance for medical school We invited three alummi, who are majoring in medicine or pharmacy in college, to give students useful information and advice.

February 12th
2/14(Wed.)The Anniversary Lecture(afternoon, in the auditorium)
       Lecturer: Mr. Cho Fujio, Chairman of the board of
                    Toyota Motor Corporation
       Theme:Toyota's Manufacturing Expertise and
                    Human Resources Developments

anniversary lecture Mr. Fujio Cho anniversary lecture

2/17(Sat.)JHS: Student Council Election and Campaign Speeches
          in the auditorium(4th period)

campaign speeches Students got together to listen to the representatives speeches for the election.

February 5th
2/10(Sat.)Marathon Meet

      Sr.1: Parent-teacher Meeting(12:00〜 @Lecture Hall)

Mr. Tamura starting the race The maratohn meet, the 24th annual event since school's foundation was held. Many parents came to encourage students running 4.75-kilometer course.


January 29th
1/29(Mon.)Senior High School Entrance Examination

1/30(Tue.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Senior High School
        Entrance Examination

2/2(Fri.)Junior High School Entrance Examination

2/3(Sat.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior High School
        Entrance Examination

clock This clock has been on the first floor of the high school building since our school was founded.


January 21st
1/21(Sun.)Junior High School Entrance Examination for Returnees

1/22(Mon.)Junior High School Entrance Examination

Entrance Exams Many candidates came to our school accompanied by their parents. Some juku teachers also came around the school gate to encourage their students.


1/23(Tue.)No Class Scheduled

1/24(Wed.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior High School
        Entrance Examination

1/25(ths.)Jr.1: The Card Game of the One Hundred Famous Poems
        during lunch break
Junior first year students got together on the first floor of the junior high school building and enjoyed playing the card game of the One Hunderd Poems by One Hunderd Poets during lunch time.

Karuta Game
January 15th
1/16(Tue.)High School Entrance Exam for TAG
   (TAG: Talented and Gifted students)
1/17(Wed.)Announcement of Successful Candidates of TAG Entrance

January 9th
1/9(Tue.)Opening Ceremony
      PM:Classes Start(Jr.1 - Sr.2)

Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremoy at the auditorium

1/13(Sat.)Sr.1 Career Guidance(4th per. @ Lecture Hall):
          What We Feel as Engineers
           〜for Sr.1 students thinking of studying science and technology〜

  We welcomed two engineers, Mr. Nishitoba from Shinnikkei Best System Co. and Mr. Abe from Shimizu Corporation, whose children are the students of this school, and had a good opportunity to hear from them about their career experiences and thier future prospects.

Career Guidance

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