Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 1st Term, 2007  〜
July 16th
7/16(Mon.)Marine Day

7/19(Ths.)Big Cleanup Day

7/20(Fri.)Closing Ceremony
      Mini Concert by the Chamber Music Club(Junior high build.)
      Attestation Ceremony for the staff members
     of the Student Council
      Ceremony for Homestay in America (UV Room)
Closing Ceremony Mr.Tamura told students to acquire good habits.
Athletes and talented students, and their achievements are introduced. Awarding
Mini Concert The chamber Music club gave a performance in the junior high school building. Some music are arranged for the strings by our music teacher.

〜 Thank you for reading Shibumaku Weekly News. We'll have summer vacation during August. 〜

July 9th
7/11(Wed.)Test Return Day

7/12(Ths.)Sr.2 Special Opera Lecture
        Madame Butterfly by Pucchini

Sr.2 Opera At first some students didn't seem to be interested in the opera, but as Madame Butterfly was getting worn out by the grief, they were absorbed in the opera and even some were moved to tears.
July 2nd 7/3(Tue.)Term-End Examinations, Day 1

7/4(Wed.)Term-End Examinations, Day 2

7/5(Ths.)Study at Home

7/6(Fri.)Term-End Examinations, Day 3

7/7(Sat.)Term-End Examinations, Day 4
      Guidance for Studying Abroad

Students who studied abroad shared thier experiences with other students. This is one of the chances for students to get some valuable advice from their seniors. 海外留学説明会
Club Acitivities After the examinations, stidents have come back to the ground for their club activities. Worried about the test results, they enjoy themselves a lot!

June 25th
6/25(Mon.)Regular Classes

6/26(Tue.)One Week Before the Term-End Exam

the Chinese classics Students have started to prepare themselves for the coming term-end exams. Time flies. The first term is almost over. Junior high school students were reviewing the Chinese classics lessons around the blackboard.

June 18th
6/21(Ths.)Jr.2 and Sr.2 Memorial Concert

memorial concert In this annual event students have a chance to join the orchestra. One Sr.1 student, who plays the violin, performed as a soloist in a concerto this year.

6/22(Fri.)Open School

June 11th
6/16(Sat.)Guidance for Foreign Universities

      Students had an opportunity to meet the graduates who would go to foreign

sunflower The start of the rainy season has been officially declared, but we have had summer days so far.

June 4th
6/8(Fri.)STEP English Proficiency Test(After School)

6/9(Sat.)Sr.1 : Special Kabuki Lecture at National Theater

hydrangea The color of Hydrangeas has been getting thicker little by little.

May 28th
5/29(Tue.)Sports Festival Day 1
Opening Ceremony Basketball Dodge Ball

Students are divided into 3 different blocks, according to thier school year, and enjoyed ball games such as volley ball, soccer and dodge ball. The spectators were excited to see students actively involved in the games.
6/1(Fri.)Sports Festival Day 2
Piggy Back Fight Long Rope Skipping Team Blue

Because of rain, the second Day's program was postponed until friday. Although it rained sporadically in the morning, finally the sky cleared up and we enjoyed the afternoon program. This year the Team Blue won the cup.

May 21st
5/21(Mon.)Mid-Term Examination, Day 1

5/22(Tue.)Mid-Term Examination, Day 2

5/23(Wed.)Study at Home

5/24(Ths.)Mid-Term Examination, Day 3

5/25(Fri.)Mid-Term Examination, Day 4

Prepare for Sports Festival Students are praticing long rope skipping for the coming sports festival. Inter-class events are always exciting!

May 14th
5/14(Mon.) One week before the Mid-Term Examinations
no student seen in the field No club activies are allowed for the coming mid-term exams this week. This turf ground is usually filled with students after school, but nobdy is here.

May 7th
5/9(Wed.)Jr.3: attend the lecture “EU Ambassadors reach out to 19,000
      students”presented by the EU
EU50th anniversary  23 EU ambassadors to Japan, and more than 50 EU diplomats, visited about 80 jinuor and senior high schools in Tokyo and other cities to deliver presentations on the EU. We had a Press Attache of the British Embassy in Japan, Mr. Daniel Salter. All the junior 3rd students joined this program organized by the EU on Europe Day to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

5/10(Ths.)General Meeting of the Junior High Student Coucncil
        (6th Period)

5/12(Sat.)General Meeting of the Senior High Student Coucncil
        (4th Period)
April 30th
4/ 30(Mon.)Holidai in lieu

5/ 2(水)Sr.2: Enjoy Walking Activity
Sr2.Walking Senior 2 students enjoyed walking 17km along the Hanamigawa River from school to the sports park in Yachiyo.

5/ 3(Ths.)Constitution Day

5/ 4(Fri.)Greenery Day

5/ 5 (Sat.) Children's Day

April 23rd
4/ 23(Mon.)After School: Fire Drill
fire drill We held a drill on the premise that a powerful earthquake had struck Chiba and a fire had started in the cooking room.

4/ 24(Tue.)Lunch Time:Concert held by the Music Club(at Light Court)

The lively singing of the music club resounded in the light court. music club

4/ 28(Sat.)Jr.1: Field Trip to Noda
        Jr.2: Field Trip to Kamakura

kamakura You can enjoy more pictures of our field trips at the page of school events sometime soon.
April 16th
April 19(Ths.)Dental Checkup
      Drill Team Performance for new students(after school)

drill Our dance drill team Dazzy Sparks showed their performance to welcome new students.

April 20(Fri.)Sr.3: Proficiency Test
April 9th
April 9 (Mon.)JHS and Sr1: Orientation
        Sr2 and 3: Regular classes start

April 10 (Tue.)Sr. High Freshmen Welcome Assembly
           (4th〜6th per. in the auditorium)

April 11 (Wed.)Jr. High Freshmen Welcome Assembly
           (1st〜2nd per. in the auditorium)
          Physical Check-up (afternoon)

kendo club karate club baseball club

      All the clubs have a chance to introduce themselves to new students in the
     freshmen welcome assembly organized by the student council. Some of them show
     their original video program, and others show their performance on the stage.

April 13th (Fri.)Jr. High Brass Band Welcome Concert for Freshmen
        (during lunch time at the hall of Jr. high building)

Welcome Concert Jr. High Brass Band having a small concert fot freshmen

April 7th
April 7(Sat.)Morning:Year-Opening Ceremony
     Afternoon:Entrance Ceremony
Year-Opening Ceremony The new school year has started.
This year we have many new teachers. new staff members
Entrance Ceremony We've started the new school year with 265 junior high school 1st year students and 82 high school freshmen.
Our brass band and chamber music club played music together for the entrance ceremony. orchestra

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