Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 2nd Term, 2007  〜
December 17th
12/21(Fri.)Clean-Up Day

12/22(Sat.)Closing Ceremony
       Christmas Concert by the brass band
              (at the hall of JHS building)

JHS Brass Band held a small Christmas Concert.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

〜 Shibumaku Weekly News will have break during the winter vacation. 〜

December 10th
12/10(Mon.)Term-End Exams, Day3

12/11(Tue.)Term-End Exams, Day4

12/14(Fri.)Test Return Day

We added a little more christmas ornaments this year.

December 3rd
12/6(Ths.)Study at home

12/7(Fri.)Term-End Exams, Day1

12/8(Sat.)Term-End Exams, Day2

Students taking exams, expecting good results.

November 26th
11/29(Ths.)Jr3: Mock Trial

Jr3 students have been studying about the judicial system and with the support of some real lawyers, they experienced a mock triak at school. Some students played the roles of the procecution and the defense. All students were involved in the final sentence.

November 19th
11/21(Wed.)Special Lecture:
              the Role of Science and Scientists in Society

We invited Mr. Akimasa Sumi, who is a leading environmentalist.

11/22(Ths.)Welcome Function for Students from Singapore

Four students from Singapore visited us this year, and the music club welcomed them with a beautiful chorus during lunch time.

11/23(Fri.)Labor Thanksgiving Day

November 12th
11/14(Wed.)Open School・E-education Course for parents

Parents learned how to use Power Point. Sr.1 students are now learning it in Computer Literacy Course. It might be a good chance for parents to know what our students are doing in class.

November 5th
11/10(Sat.)Sr.2: Career Giudance

We invited graduates and had a chance to ask about their life in college. Students looked inspired by their words.

October 29th
11/3(Sat.)Culture Day

Students practice hard for the fall tournament.

October 22nd
10/22(Mon.)Mid-Term Exam, Day 1

10/23(Tue.)Mid-Term Exam, Day 2

10/24(Wed.)Study at Home

10/25(Ths.)Mid-Term Exam, Day 3

10/26(Fri.)Mid-Term Exam, Day 4

After the mid-term exams students enjoy activities with their club mates.

October 15th
10/15(Mon)School Crossing Safety Campaign, until 20th

autumn leaves It's that time of year when the leaves start turning color.

Some trees in the school yard has begun to turn red.

autumn leaves
October 8th
10/8(Mon)Sports Day
      Jr.1: Field Trip to Kamogawa
      Jr.2: Field Trip to Aizu
      Sr.1: Field Trip to Nagasaki

10/9(Tue)Sr.2: School Trip to China, group 1 arrived

10/10(Wed)Jr.1, 2, 3, Sr.1 and Sr.2 group 2 arrived


10/11(Ths)Holiday in lieu

10/12(Fri)Regular Class Starts

October 1st
10/4(Ths)Sr.2: School Trip to China, group 1 departed
         group 2: Holiday in lieu

10/5(Fri)Sr.2: School Trip to China, group 2 deaprted

10/6(Sat)Jr.1,2 and Sr.1: Ceremony for the School Trip
        Jr.3: Holiday in lieu

Students had the ceremony for the fileld trips. the captain of the each grade pledged to have a wonderfully productive trip.

10/7(Sun)Jr.3: Field Trip to Nara

September 14th
9/24(Mon)Holiday in Lieu

9/29(Sat)Farewell Ceremony for NZ students
All the JHS studnets got together to have the ceremony for NZ students. They are flying home tomorrow.

farewell ceremony
haka Haka performed by NZ students.

9/30(Sun)Farewell Party for NZ students
Students were reluctant to say goodbye to their host families, crying and hugging tightly.

farewell party
September 17th
9/17(Mon)Respect for the Aged Day

9/18(Tue)NZ students arrived
All the host families welcomed students from New Zealand at school. They stay with us for 2 weeks. We are proud of our Jr.3 students. Although limited vocabulary, they tried to show their hospitality.

NZ studnets
9/19(Wed)Welcome Function for students from New Zealand
We had the welcome ceremony for New Zealand students. They performed HAKA on the stage. It is a traditional Maori dance performed by boys.

kendo Performance by the Kendo Club

September 10th〜
9/10(Mon)Holiday in lieu
After the school festival, students'everyday is gradually going back to normal. Through events, they can cultivate their friendship.

September 3rd
9/5(Wed)JHS, Sr.1 and 2: Summer Assignment Check Test

9/6(Ths)Preparation for Cultural Festival (all day)

9/7(Fri)Preparation for Cultural Festival (all day)

Students started to prepare for their cultural Festival. Although our schedule was really tight, the typhoon forced us to go home just after 3 o'clock.(9/6)

preparation We started school at 11 to avoid confusion caused by the typhoon. Students really worked hard to get things done for tomorrow.(9/7)

9/8(Sat)Culture Festival, Day 1(for parents and graduates)
We delayed our opening, but anyway we could start it. A lot of parents and graduates received a warm welcome by students and teachers. They enjoyed many different class exhibitions and performances all day.

9/9(Sun)Cultural Festival, Day 2 (open to public)
文化祭 This year we had about 12,000 guests for two days. Thank you for coming in spite of the terribly hot weather.

September 1st
September 1(Sat.)Opening Ceremony
In the opening ceremony Mr. Tamura talked about the importance of langauge and experience. He encouraged students to enjoy the 2nd term in many ways paying attention to these two.

Opening Ceremony

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