Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 3rd Term, 2007  〜
March 17th
3/20(Ths.)Vernal Equinox Day

3/21(Fri.)Clean-up Day

3/22(Sat.)Closing Ceremony

Today is the last day of school.

3/22(Sat.)Spring Break(until April 6th)

White yulan flowers make a beautiful contrast with a blue sky.

Shibumaku Weekly News will have Spring Break until the new school year starts.

(※ School is open from 9:00 to 17:00.)

Thank you very much for staying with us for a year!!

March 10th
3/10(Mon.)Final Exams, Day 3

3/11(Tue.)Final Exams, Day 4

3/14(Fri.)Test Returning Day

Pretty pansies are now in full bloom.

March 3rd
3/5(Wed.)The Anniversary Lecture (afternoon)

Professor Masahiko Fujiwara of Ochanomizu University addressed our students at Shibumaku auditorium. Prof. Fujiwara is a distinguished mathematician and the author of "Kokka no Hinkaku". The subject of the address was "For young students who will lead the 21st century."

3/7(Fri.)Final Exams, Day1

3/8(Sat.)Final Exams, Day2

February 25th
2/26(Tuesday)Anniversary Day of School Foundation

2/29(Friday)SHS: Rehearsal for Graduation Ceremony
        Presentation of Awards
        Graduates are enrolled in the Alumni Association

3/1(Saturday)SHS: Graduation Ceremony

The 23rd Graduation Ceremony was held. After the ceremony, each student came up to the stage to receive their diploma and shake hands with the principal. They left the auditorium one by one and headed to the last homeroom with their classmates.

February 18th
2/20(Wednesday)A Concert of Extracurricular Course for String Instruments, with the chamber music club

2/23(Saturday)Sr.1 and 2:Guidance for the students who wish to go to Medical or Pharmaceutical school(UV room, 13:00〜)

We invited three former shibumaku students as speakers. They gave students useful information and advice, and encouraged those who want to go into medicine or pharmacy.

February 11th
2/11(Monday)National Foundation Day

2/15(Friday)JHS:Chorus Festival

Champions 3-6 Haru ni

      Jr.1 champions 1-4「with you smile 」
     Jr.1 2nd place  1-3 「COSMOS」,1-7 「Michi」
     Jr.2 champions  2-9 「HEIWA no Kane」
     Jr.2 2nd place  2-3 「Te no Hira wo Kazashite」,2-4 「Kimi to Mita Umi」
February 4th
2/4(Monday)Jr2 The Card Game of the One Hundred Famous Poems

The second hyakunin isshu tournament was held. Competitors were selected in each calss. They showed great skills

2/9(Saturday)Marathon Meet

       The marathon meet ended safely without any big accidents.
       Besides, we didn't have snow in spite of our concern.

January 28th
1/29(Tuesday)Senior High School Entrance Examination

1/30(Wednesday)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Senior High School Entrance Examination

2/2(Saturday)Junior High School Entrance Examination

2/3(Sunday)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior High School Entrance Examination

A sudden, heavy snow covered up everything.

January 21st
1/22(Tuesday)Junior High School Entrance Examination

Parents watch their children going into the school building.

1/23(Wednesday)No class scheduled

1/24(Thursday)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Junior High School Entrance Examination

January 14th
1/14(Monday)Adult's Day

1/18(Friday)Senior High School Entrance Examination

Students going into the school building with nervous expressions on their faces.

1/19(Saturday)Announcement of Successful Candidates of Senior High School Entrance Examination

1/20(Sunday)Junior High School Entrance Examination for Returnees

January 8th
1/8(Tue.)Opening Ceremony

A new year began, and we've greeted the new school term with fresh spirits.

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