Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 1st Term, 2008  〜

7月13日〜 7/14(月)Baseball  VS Shibaura Kashiwa 3−2 Win  
7/17(木)Baseball  VS Tokadai Urayasu 0−4 Lose

VS Shibaura Kashiwa VS Tokaidai Urayasu
Members of the baseball club, the drill team, and the brass band all worked together to cheer for the baseball team. 

7/16(水)Sr.2 Special Opera Lecture

Sr.2 students watched La Traviata at New National Theatre. It was a new experience for the most of them, but they enjoyed watching it. Baseball

July 19th(Sat)Closing Ceremony

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July 6th〜 July 7th (Mon) Term-End Exams: Day 3
July 8th (Tue) Term-End Exams: Day 4

     Second NZ Trip Guidance(Jr.3)
The second New Zealand trip guidance at the auditorium. Students familialized themselves with Waikato and Wellington area, and were given information on their host families and brief itineraries for the trip. NZ Orientation

7/11(Fri)Test Return Day

June 29th〜 July 3rd(Thu) Self Study Day
July 4th(Fri) Term-End Exams: Day 1
July 5th(Sat)Term-End Exams: Day 2

Rubbish Collection Station Rubbish Collection Station has been renovated, making it easier for the students to take out rubbish.

June 22nd〜 June 27th(Fri) One week before Term-End Exams

School Library filled with students studying for the exams. A week before Term-End Exams

June 15th〜 June 20th(Fri) Open Class Day

Brass band Brass band
Many parents came to see the performance by the Chamber Music Club .

Visitors from Capital Normal University
The teaching staff from Capital Normal University visited our school. They will host our second-year senior students on their school trip to China.
Capital Normal University

E-education Lecture for parents
e-education e-edcation
E-education lecture was held for parents, in which they were given a lecture on Internet-related crimes and learned how to use Powerpoint. At the end of the lecture each parent had a brief presentatioin.

June 8th〜 June 11th(Fri) Memorial Concert

Memorial Concert Memorial Concert was held in the 5th and 6th period, performed by Revolution Ensemble with Wataru Nagano(2-G) joining the ensemble.  

Memorial Concert       Program
1 Piano Concerto in D, Hob.][:11 Hayden
  1. Vivace
  2. Un poco adagio
  3. Rondo allUngarese: Allegro assai
2 Introduction of the musical instruments

Memorial Concert       Intermission
3 Symphony No.40 in G minor K.550 Mozart
  1. Molto allegro
  2. Andante
  3. Menuetto:
  4. Allegro assai

June 1st〜 June 5th(Thu)"KASOKEN" Special Lecture

Mrs. Marika Uchida (science writer, technological communicator, Faculty of Engineering at Universitiy of Tokyo), a graduate of our school, gave an special lecture on "Science in Everyday Life." In her speech, Mrs. Uchida suggested that science can be found everywhere in our daily lives.

June 7th(Sat) Sr.1 Special Kabuki Lecture

May 25th〜 May 27th(Tue) Sports Festival Day 1

Sports Festival Sports Festival Sports Festival Click to enlarge
Sports Festival Sports Festival Sports Festival Click to enlarge

May 28th(Wed)Sports Festival Day 2

Sports Festival Sports Festival Sports Festival Click to enlarge
Sports Festival Sports Festival Sports Festival Click to enlarge
Sports Festival Sports Sports Festival Click to enlarge
Sports Festival was held in sunny weather.
Blue Team won the competitions.

May 31st(Sat)Jr. 2 Lecture on Information Security
Studetns were given information on the risks of PC and cell phones, and how to protect themselves from troubles. Lecture on Information Security
May 19th〜 May 19th(Mon) Mid-term Exams@
May 20th(Tue) Mid-term ExamsA
May 21st(Wed) Self-study Day
May 22nd(Thu) Mid-term ExamsB
May 23rd(Fri) Mid-term ExamsC

May 12th(Mon)Jr.3 New Zealand Trip Guidance @

NZ Trip Guidance NZ Trip Guidance
The first guidance for the trip to New Zealand.

May 11〜 May 12th(Mon)Sr.2 Assembly

Orientation on a school trip to China. Sr.2 Assembly

May 15th(Thu)Lecture on Information Security(for Jr.1 and 3)

 Lecture on Information Security(for Jr.1 and 3) A special lecture on how to protect ourselves from crimes associated with PC and cell phones. 

May 4th〜 May 4th(Sun) Greenery Day

May 5th(Mon) Children's Day

May 6th(Tue) Substitute holiday

May 8th(Thu) General Meeting of the Junior High Student Council

Jr. Student Council Jr. Student Council
Student Council in charge, proceeding the meeting smoothly.

April 27th〜 April 29th(Tue) Showa Day

      Jr.3: Hiking
Jr. 3 Hiking Jr. 3 Hiking Jr. 3 Hiking Click to enlarge
Jr. 3 Hiking Jr. 3 Hiking Jr. 3 Hiking Click to enlarge
Group of 13(3teachers and 10 students)had a one-day hike in Minamibousou and Mt.Takago. All the participants came home safely after a 6-hour-walk, climbing up and down the steep hills.

April 30th(Wed) Welcome concert for the new students

Brass Band Brass Band
The brass band club held a concert for the new students. They were fully impressed with their performance.

May 2nd(Fri) Jr1: Noda Firld Trip
Jr2: Kamakra Firld Trip
Sr2: Walking Tour

Noda Kamakura Walking
   Jr.1 (Noda)          Jr.2(Kamakura)     Sr.2(Walking)

First school trip for the Junior.1 students. It was an adventure for the students to plan the trip and carry it out by themselves.
Third trip for the Junior.2 students. Taking advantage of the previous two trips, they carried out the plan smoothly.
Senior.2 students had a total of 17km walking tour starting from Murakami to Makuhari, walking along the Hanamigawa River.

April 20th〜 April 21th(Mon)Fire drill

Fire drill held at the end of the classes.
Students took the drill very seriously.
Fire drill

April 23rd(Wed) Jr. High Brass Band Welcome Concert

Brass Band Beautiful tunes filled the entire hall.

April 14th 〜 April 16th(Wed)Drill Team Welcome Performance

Drill Team Drill Team

New students amazed at the specutacular performance by Drill Team

April 7th 〜 April 7th (Mon)Morning:Year-Opening Cremony

     Afternoon:Entrance Ceremony
Entrance Ceremony Entrance Ceremony
Your New life has just began. Hope you will make lots of friends!

April 9th(Wed)High School Freshmen Welcome Assembly / Junior High School Orientation

New students exploring the school facilities.
Don't get lost!
Jr. 1

April 10th(Thu)Junior High School Freshmen Welcome Assembly

Karate Club Kendo Club Stringed instruments Club

  Introduction to the club activities - hosted by the student council.
  So many interestig clubs to choose from.

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