Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 2nd Term, 2008  〜
Dec.14〜 Dec.19(Fri) Clean-up Day

Christmas Concert
Beethoven Symphony No.9 was played this year.

Dec.20(Sat)Closing Ceremony

Many prizes were given for remarkble performances.

Certificate Ceremony for Overseas Students / Vietnam Trip Inaugural Meeting

Certificate Ceremony Vietnam Trip Inaugural Meeting
To the left is Certificate Ceremony for overseas students. They've had great time here at Shibumaku. To the right is Vietnam Trip Inaugural Meeting. Three of Makuhari students will participate this year.

JHS Brass Band Club Christmas Concert

A small concert was held at the JHS Hall.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

〜 Shibumaku Weekly News will not be nenewed until the 3rd Term. 〜

Dec. 7〜 Dec.8(Mon)Term-End Exams: Day3

Dec.9(Tue)Term-End Exams: Day4

Dec.12(Fri)Test-Return Day
Christmas Decoration Christmas Decoration
Yellow Fairly, a volunteer group joined mainly by women's tennis club members, decorated our rose garden with Christmas lights, making people feel Christmassy.

Nov.30〜 Dec.1(Mon)Mrs. Rena Inoue visiting Shibumaku.
Rena Inoue Mrs. Rena Inoue, a professional figure skater and former Shibumaku student, visited the school. To her left is her husband, Mr. John Baldwin.
Her excellent carrer records include a winning in 2006 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships and representing U.S.A in 2006 Winter Olympics.

Dec.5(Fri)Final Exam: Day 1
Dec.6(Sat)Final Exam: Day 2

Nov. 23〜 Nov. 28(Thu) Jr. 2: Special Lecture on Energy and Environment
Students were given a lecture on environmental energy.
Jr. 2  Lecture on Energy and Environment
Nov. 28(Fri) Jr. 3: Mock Trial
Mock Trial Mock Trial
Supported by real lawyers, Jr3 had a mock triak at school. Students played the roles of the judge, attornies and prosecutors. Some teachers also joined the trial as a defendant or witnesses.

Nov. 29(Fri) Visitors from Singapore
We had seven students from Singapore this year. The music club welcomed the students with a beautiful chorus.
Visitors from Singapore

Nov.17〜 Nov. 22(Sat) New Zealand Trip Guidance(Jr.3)
NZ Guidance NZ Guidance
Both the students and the parents participated, hearing about the preparation for the trip, such as how to apply for a passport and what to bring to New Zealand.

Nov.9 Nov.13(Wed)Special Lecture
5th and 6th periods were a special lecture given by Mr. Hiroshi Harashima, professor of Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at The University of Tokyo.
Special Lecture
Special Lecture Mr. Harashima talked about technology and human beings, while introducing Facial Studies, which is his main field of studies.

Nov.2〜 Nov.8(Sat)Preparation for the Chorus Festival
Chorus Festival Chorus Festival
Each class had a discussion on what song to sing at Chorus Festival in the third sememster.

Oct.26〜 Nov.1(Sat)Lecture Meeting for Jr. 2 Parents

Jr.2 Lecture for Parents Mr. Shinzo Kobayashi, professor at Tokyo Healthcare University, gave the parents of Jr.2 students a lecture on what should be done for children in the period of second independence

Oct.21(Tue) Mid-Term Exams Day1

Oct.22(Wed) Mid-Term Exams Day2

Oct.23(Thu) Self-study Day

Oct.24(Fri) Mid-Term Exams Day3

Oct.25(Sat) Mid-Term Exams Day4

Mid-Term Exams
Oct.17(Fri) Chinese Teachers' Visit
Chinese Teachers' Visit Chinese Teachers' Visit
30 Chinese teachers visited us as a part of Invitation Progremme for Chinese Teachers, supported by Cultural Centre for UNESCO. The teachers observed lessons, saw school facilities, and exchanged ideas and opinions with us.

Oct.5〜 Oct.8(Wed) 〜 Oct.11(Sat) School Trip
        Jr.1 to Kamogawa(10/9〜10/11)
        Jr.2 to Aizu(10/9〜10/11)
        Jr.3 to Nara(10/8〜10/11)
        Sr.1 to Nagasaki(10/9〜10/11)

aizu nara
Jr.2: Aizu
Jr.3: Nara
Sr.1: Nagasaki
Sep 28th〜 Oct 4(Sat) School Trip Inaugural Meeting
Inaugural meeting for the Sr.2. Two groups will go to China or Kyushu this year.
school trip inaugural meeting

NZ students NZ students
New Zealand students participated in some class activities

Oct 4(Sat) Farewell Ceremony for New Zealand Students
Farewell Ceremony for New Zealand Students
farewell ceremony
farewell ceremony Performance by the karate club
Performance by the blass band club
farewell ceremony
farewell ceremony A certificate was given to each New Zealand student at the end of the ceremony.

〜 Farewell Party for New Zealand Students  〜
farewell party farewell party

Sep. 21st〜 Sep. 22(Mon)New Zealand Students' Arrival
NZ students' arrival NZ students' arrival
Our studetns have been looking forward to meeting students from New Zealand.

Sep.25(Mon)NZ Welcome Ceremony
Male students performed a haka, a traditional dance form of the native people of New Zealand.
Welcome Ceremony
Welcome Ceremony Kendo Club made a great performance in return.

Sep.14〜 Sep.14(Sun)Cultural Festival'Enjusai': Day 2

Enjusai Enjusai Enjusai
Enjusai Enjusai Enjusai
Enjusai Enjusai Enjusai
Over 10,000 visitors enjoyed the festival. The theme for this year being 'Wa' (meaning peace) enhanced the quality of the festival.

Sep.20(Sat)Guidance for short-term overseas programs

Overseas program

Sep.7〜 Sep.11(Thu)Preparation for Enjusai
Sep.12(Fri)Preparation for Enjusai

Students worked all day to prepare for the festival.

Sep.13(Sat)Cultural Festival 'Enjusai': Day 2

Enjusai Enjusai Enjusai
Enjusai Enjusai Enjusai
This welcome gate was designed and built by the track and field club. The gate illuminates at night.

Sep 1st 〜 Sep 1st(Mon) Opening Ceremony
2nd Term Opening Ceremony
2nd Term Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony for the second term. Many awards were given to students who made remarkable performances during the summer holidays.

Sep 5th(Fri) Visitor from Princeton University
Visitor from Princeton Univ.

Ms. Inukai, a senior student at Princeton University and former Shibumaku student, visited us and talked about her campus life.

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