Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 3rd Term, 2009  〜
Mar.7〜 Mar.7(Mon)Final Exams Day 4

Mar.12(Thu)Test Returning Day
Students enjoying their club activity 期末後""
Sr.2 Assembly Sr.2

Mar. 2〜 Mar.5(Thu)Final Exams Day 1

Mar.6(Fri)Final Exams Day 2

Mar.6(Fri)Jr.3: First group leaving for New Zealand

Mar.7(Sat)Final Exams Day 3

Mar.7(Sat)Jr.3: Second group leaving for New Zealand
Final Exams Final exams for the year.

Feb. 22〜 Feb. 22(Tue) The Anniversary Lecture
Anniversary Lecture Mr. Yoshio Yazaki from National Hopsital Organization talked about life and the earth.

Feb.28(Sat) Special Lecture from University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics      
Students were given a lecture on civil law and brief introdution of University of Tokyo and its Faculty of Law. Special Lecture from University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics

Feb.28(Sat) Jr.3: New Zealand Trip Guidance      
New Zealand Trip Guidance The final guidance for New Zealand Trip. Now we are ready to go!

Mar.1(Sun)Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony Graduation Ceremony

Feb.15〜 Feb.18(Wed)JHS Chorus Festival

Chorus Festival All classes worked hard to perform their best.

Feb. 8〜 Feb. 14(Sat)JHS: Student Council Election

Student Council Election Student Council Election

Feb. 1〜

Congratulations!! Participating in New York Conference

The second annual Japan Model United Nations was held last November. We participated in the conference representing the Republic of Congo, and was successfully chosen one of the delegates to attend 2009 UNA-USA MUN Conference Global Classrooms, held in New York City.

 Below are other delegates
  • Shibuya High School
  • Azabu High School
  • Eiko Gakuen High School
  • Seishin Joshi Gakuin High School
Model United Nations is a student activity to simulate sessions held in the United Nations. Each school plays a role of a delegate of the UN members and attends a session to discuss current global issues.

Feb.1(Mon)Junior High School Entrance Examination
Junior High School Entrance Examination

Feb. 6(Fri)Jr.3 Hyakunin Isshu Tournament      
Students representing each class competed in a Hyakunin Isshu tournament. Hyakunin Isshu Tournament

Feb. 7(Sat)Marathon Meet      
Marathon Meet Marathon Meet, a traditional event since the foundation of the school, was held under a good weather condition. Students ran 4.75km.

Jan. 25〜 Jan. 29(Thu)Senior High School Entrance Examination
Many applicants showed up for our exams.
Entrance Examination

Jan.18〜 Jan.18(Sun)High School Entrance Exams
High School Exams High School Exams
There's been 650 applications for our high school entrance exams.

Jan.22(Thu)Junior High School Entrance Exams
Junior High Exams Junior High Exams
Many parents came along with their children.

Junior High Exams Cram school teachers started to show up from early in the morning to cheer up their students.

Jan. 11〜 Jan. 15(Thu)Yuetan Middle School Visiting Shibumaku

Eight students from China stay at host families of our Sr.1 and Sr.2 students for about a week.

Jan.4〜 Jan.8(Thu)Opening Ceremony

Happy to be back to school and see many friends!

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