Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  Term 1, 2009  〜
July 12 - July 18 (Sat) End-of-term ceremony
End-of-term ceremony End-of-term ceremony
An end-of-term ceremony was held in the junior and senior high schools. At the end of the ceremony, students from each club were presented awards.

July 17 (Fri) School cleaning day

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July 5 - 11 July 11 (Sat) Student conference day

July 10 (Fri) Exams returned

July 9 (Thu) Home study day

July 8 (Wed) Home study day

July 7 (Tue) Final Exam Day 4

July 7 (Tue) Final Exam Day 3

June 28 - July 4 July 4 (Sat) Final Exam Day 2

Jul 3 (Fri) Final Exam Day 1

Students sudying for the final exams Students study for the final exams. As a rule, club activities stop one week before the exams. After school, students pack the classrooms and library to study.

June 21 - 27 June 25 (Thu) Junior 1 Student Information Security Seminar

An information security seminar was held for junior 1 students. They studied cell phone manners and how not to be a victim of internet crime. Junior 1 Information Security Seminar
Junior 2-3 Information Security Seminar
Junior 2 and 3 students also had an information security seminar. The junior 2 students met on Thursday, June 11, and the junior 3 students on Thursday, June 18. The seminar was designed for each grade, such as learning how not to be a victim of internet crime, and learning about information ethics.
June 14 - 20 6/19 (Sat) Open Class Day

Open Class Day Open Class Day is an event allowing people to see what happens in the school from day to day. Many parents came this year as well. Students taking the stringed instrument class performed during lunch.

e-Education Seminar for Parents
The annual "E-Education for Parents Seminar" was held. In addition to a lecture on morals and manners in information and net crime, there were lessons on PowerPoint.
E-Education for Parents Seminar

6/15 (Mon) Chiba Citizen's Day
June 7 - 13 June 12 (Fri) Memorial Concert

Memorial Concert The 25th annual Memorial Concert was held in the auditorium for Junior 2 and Senior 2 students. For the second year in a row, we welcomed the Revolution Ensemble, who gave a splendid performance. Ryoma Takagi, a student and pianist at our school, garnered much praise for his performance with the ensemble.
Memorial Concert Program
1 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Prelude, Op. 21 Mendelssohn
2 Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Op. 23 Tchaikovsky
First movement Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso ?
3 Introduction of instruments
4 Symphony No. 104 in D major "The London Symphony" Haydn
First movement Adagio - Allegro
Second movement Andante
Third movement Menuetto, Allegro
Fourth movement Finale: Spiritoso

May 31 - June 6 6/6 (Sat) Lecture by Dr. Okubo

Dr. Okubo of Tokyo Healthcare University gave a lecture on "Recent Infectious Diseases and Their Prevention." He spoke in detail on the recent H1N1 influenza and methods to prevent it.

Piano Recital
Piano Recital A concert was held to unveil the Fazioli Piano added to the Tamura Memorial Auditorium
Fazioli Pianos are still uncommon in Japan, and this piano is only the fifth of its kind in Japan. The concert was held by Ryoma Takagi, a student at our school. Mr. Tagagi has been active globally, receiving awards including first place at the Moscow Neuhaus Festival and the Kiev Horowitz Concert.

6/3 (Wed) Sports Festival, Day 2
Sports Festival, Day 2 Sports Festival, Day 2
On the second day of the Sports Festival, track and field events, piggy back fights, and other events were held on the sports field. The relay between different colored teams was very popular.

6/2 (Tue) Sports Festival, Day 1
Sports Festival, Day 1 Sports Festival, Day 1
Junior High and Senior High ball game competitions, such as dodge ball and basketball, were held on the first day of the Sports Festival. Classes competed against each other in these events.

May 24 - 30 5/25 (Mon) Fourth Day of Midterm Tests

Students Practicing for Sports Festival With the midterm tests finished, activities and club practices resumed. Next week, the Sports Festival will be held. Students were seen practicing hard during lunch and their free time.

May 17 - 23 May 23 (Sat) Midterm Day 3

May 22 (Fri) Midterm Day 2

May 21 (Thu) Midterm Day 1

May 20 (Wed) Home-study day
With serious faces, students take midterm examinations. Midterm week began this week, where there are generally no club activities so that students can focus on their tests. Midterm Tests

May 10 - 16 May 14 (Thu) Junior High Student Body Assembly

Junior High Student Body Assembly The Junior High Student Body Assembly was held, approving clubs and the budget.

May 3 - 9 May 9 (Sat) High School Student Body Assembly

The High School Student Body Assembly was held in the auditorium. High School Student Body Assembly

May 6 (Wed) Constitution Memorial Day Observed

May 5 (Tue) Children's Day

May 4 (Mon) Greenery Day

May 3 (Sun) Constitution Memorial Day

April 26 - May 2 May 2 (Sat) Junior 1 - 2, High School 1 Field Trips

Junior 1 Noda Field Trip
Junior 1 Noda Field Trip First-year junior high school students experienced their first field trip outside of the school. In addition to getting to know their classmates better, they got to tour a soy sauce production facility.

Junior 2 Kamakura Field Trip
Students on their trip to Kamakura. Look at each grade's web pages to see more about their field trips.
Junior 2 Kamakura Field Trip

April 19 - 26 4/23 (Thu) Evacuation Drill

"Earthquake! Fire!"
An evacuation drill was held after school.
After the drill, students said that they thought more seriously about what they would do during a real earthquake.
Evacuation Drill

April 12 - 18 4/16 (Thu) Drill Team New Member Welcome Performance
Drill Team New Member Welcome Performance Drill Team New Member Welcome Performance

The Drill Team held a Welcome Performance to attract new members. Everyone was impressed by how elegant the dance was.

4/15 (Wed) Junior High Brass Band New Member Welcome Concert

During the lunch break, the Junior High Brass band held a concert to recruit new members. Many new students stopped to listen to the wonderful performance.
Brass Band New Member Welcome Concert

April 7 - 11 4/10 (Thu) New Student Welcome Assembly (Junior High)

A New Student Welcome Assembly was held for the new Junior High 1st Year students, where clubs and student council committees were introduced.

4/9 (Wed)New Student Welcome Assembly (High School) / Junior 1 Orientation

In the Junior 1 Orientation, students explored the school in groups and learned how to use the computer room.
Junior 1 School Exploration

4/7 (Tue) Morning: Opening Ceremony (gymnasium)

Afternoon: Entrance Ceremony (auditorium)
Entrance Ceremony Entrance Ceremony
The Entrance Ceremony was held in the school auditorium. In their over-sized new uniforms, the first year students looked eager to start the new year.

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