Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 2nd Term, 2009  〜
Dec 14 - 12/20 (Sat) Junior High Closing Ceremony

At the closing ceremony for the second term, many students came up to the stage and received honors from the principal.

Senior High Closing Ceremony

Among high school students, Mr. Koekawa received the Pre-1 level award from the Minister of Education for the Practical Mathematics Proficiency Test. Miss Ohata and Mr. Koishi (both Senior 2) won first place at the the Economics Koshien Chiba Competition (a high school quiz competition for finance and economics). Mr. Natori and Mr. Shinohara won 2nd place. Both teams received awards from representatives of the competition.

Wind Orchestra (Junior High Hall)

The junior high wind orchestra gave a Christmas concert in the Junior High Hall. Splendid music filled the beautifully decorated hall.

12/19 (Fri)Students attend school -- Cleaning Day

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

〜 There will be no Makuhari Weekly News during the winter holiday 〜

Dec 6 - 13 12/11 (Fri) Test Return Day
12/10 (Thu) Home Study Day
12/9 (Wed) Home Study Day
12/8 (Tue) Final Exams Day 4
12/7 (Mon) Final Exams Day 3  
The student volunteer group, Yellow Fairy, put up Christmas lights on the trees in the rose garden for the holidays again this year. Christmas decorations
Nov 29 - Dec 5 12/5 (Sat) Final Exams Day 2
12/4 (Fri) Final Exams Day 1
12/3 (Thu) Home Study Day
Final Exams Final exams begin. Students show off everything they learned during term 2.
Nov 22 - 28 11/27 (Fri) Junior 3 Mock Trial
A mock trial was held for junior 3 students in the auditorium. Students played roles such as jurors and lawyers, and learned what a real courtroom is like. J3 Mock Trial
11/23 (Mon) Labor Day
Nov 15 - 21 10/20 (Fri) Junior 2 Energy Lecture

Junior 2 Energy Lecture

11/18(水)Career Planning Lecture (Dr. Kenichiro Mogi)

This year, neuroscientist Dr. Kenichiro Mogi was invited to speek on the topic of he career planning to for Junior 1 to Senior 2 students. He spoke on the theme, "The brain is a genious." Career Planning Lecture

Nov 8 - 14 11/12 (Thu) Open Class Day     
The second open class day of the year was held on November 12. This picture shows a Junior High 1 class. Being watched by a large number of parents, students looked a little nervous. Open Class Day
Nov 1 - Nov 7 11/7 (Sat) High School 2 Advising

High School 2 Advising
High School 2 Advising
Second year high school students received college advising. Four alumni were invited to speak about the college entrance exam process. Students eagerly listened to the graduates' advice.

Oct 25 - Oct 31 10/31 (Sat) Midterm Tests, Day 4

10/30 (Fri) Midterm Tests, Day 3

10/29 (Thu) Home study day

10/28 (Wed) Midterm Tests, Day 2

10/27 (Tue) Midterm Tests, Day 1

Oct 18 - 24 10/24 (Sat) Lecture by Dr. Kobayashi

Lecture by Dr. Kobayashi
Lecture by Dr. Kobayashi
Second year junior high students heard a lecture from Professor Kobayashi from Tokyo Healthcare University. He spoke about "Entering the second developmental stage--what do children need now?"

Oct 11 - 17 10/12 (Mon) Sports Day
October 4-10 10/7 (Wed) - 10/10 (Sat)
        Jr. 1: South Boso Trip (10/8-10/10)
        Jr. 2: Aizu Wakamatsu Trip (10/8-10/10)
        Jr. 3: Nara Trip (10/7-10/10)
        Sr. 1: Hiroshima Trip (10/8-10/10)
        Sr. 2: Kyushu Trip (10/7-10/10)

Minami Boso Trip Aizu Trip
Jr. 1 (South Boso)
Jr. 2 (Aizu)
Nara Trip
Kyushu Trip
Jr. 3 (Nara)
Sr. 2 (Kyushu)
Sept 27 - Oct 3 10/3 (Sat) New Zealand Exchange Farewell Ceremony
Farewell Ceremony Farewell Ceremony
A farewell ceremony was held in the auditorium on the last day of the New Zealand students' stay.

The New Zealand students performed a haka, or folk dance. Farewell Ceremony
Farewell Ceremony The junior high kendo club put on a powerful performance. The New Zealand students seemed impressed.
The junior high ensemble performed a piece from a Japanese animation. Farewell Ceremony
Sept 20 - 26 9/24(木)New Zealand Exchange Welcome Ceremony
When the New Zealand students arrived, Shibumaku junior high school students gathered in the auditorium to welcome them. Welcome Ceremony
Welcome Ceremony The junior high karate team put on a spended performance.
All students sang a song, while a New Zealand students performed a haka. Welcome Ceremony
9/23 (Wed) Autumnal Equinox
9/22(Tue) Citizens' Day
      New Zealand students arrived
Arrival Arrival
After much anticipation, the New Zealand students finally arrived. They looked anxious and excited.

9/21 (Mon) Respect-for-the-Aged Day

9/13 - 9/19 9/13 (Sun) Cultural Festival Day 2

Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
The second day of the school Cultural Festival. Students welcomed a large number of visitors to their carefully prepared performances.

9/6 - 9/12 9/12 (Sat) Cultural Festival Day 1

Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
The first day of the school Cultural Festival. Many people attended despite the weather. Taking part in the festival for the first time, first year junior high school students also worked hard on their exhibits and performances.

9/11 (Thu) Cultural Festival Preparation Day
9/10 (Fri) Cultural Festival Preparation Day

Students set up for the Cultural Festival. Each class and group worked together to prepare for the festival.

9/1 - 9/5 9/1 (Tue) Semester Opening Ceremonies

Second Semester Opening Ceremonies
Second Semester Opening Ceremonies
The new semester is off to a start! Many clubs worked and played hard during the summer.

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