Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

@ `@@The 2nd Term, 2011@@`
December 18`

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

`@Shibumaku Weekly News will be on holiday during the winter break.@`

Dec.24(Sat)JHS Brass Band Christmas Concert
The junior high brass band gave a mini Christmas concert. The audience enjoyed the performance of the band dressed in Christmas costumes. Closing Ceremony

@@@@@@Closing Ceremony
Junior High Closing Ceremony Junior High Closing Ceremony Senior High Closing Ceremony
Students from various club activities were awarded for their achevement during the second term.

Dec.22(Thu)Chorus Culb / Chamber Music Club Christmas Joint Concert
Christmas Joint Concert Christmas Joint Concert
The chorus club and the chamber music club held a Christmas concert in the auditorium.

Dec.20(Tue)Sr.3 Assembly

Sr.3 Assembly1 Sr.3 Assembly2 Sr.3 Assembly3

A guidance was held for the Sr.3 students. The students were advised how to prepare for their university entrance exams, including the National Center Test for University Admissions. All the students cheered up themselves at the end of the meeting.
December 11` Dec.16(Fri)Vietnam Trip Inaugural Meeting

Vietnam Trip Inaugural Meeting1 Vietnam Trip Inaugural Meeting2 Vietnamese Lesson

An ingugural meeting was held for a trip to Vietnam. Students will enjoy traveling in Vietnam from Dec.21-25.

Dec.16(Fri) Final Exams: Day4
Dec.15(Thu) Final Exams: Day3
Dec.14(Wed) Home Study Day
Dec.13(Tue) Final Exams: Day2
Dec.12(Mon) Final Exams: Day1

December 4` One Week Before the Final Exams

Students study hard for the final exams. As a rule, club activities stop one week before the exams. After the sixth period, the school becomes quiet with some students studying for the exams. Before the Exams

November 27` Nov.28(Mon)Sr.3 Principalfs Lecture

Sr.3 Principalfs LectureP Sr.3 Principalfs LectureQ Sr.3 Principalfs LectureR

Today was the final day for the third-year high school students to attend Principalfs lecture. At the end of the lecture, the students gave the principal a bouquet as a token of their gratitude.

Nov.29(Tue) Special Lecture on Energy and Environment

 Special Lecture on Energy and EnvironmentP  Special Lecture on Energy and EnvironmentQ  Special Lecture on Energy and EnvironmentR
A lecture on environmental energy was held for the Jr.2 students. The students learned the importance of energy and environmental issues, through lectures and experiments.

Dec.2(Fri)Jr.3 Mock Trial

Jr.3 Mock TrialP Jr.3 Mock TrialQ Jr.3 Mock TrialR
The annual Mock Trial was held. Supported by the lawyers invited to this event, some of our third-year students played the roles of the judge, attorneys and prosecutors. Some teachers also joined the trial as a defendant or witnesses. The students learned what a real courtroom is like.

November 20` Nov.25(Fri)Welcome Function for Students from Ruffles Institution

Ruffles Ruffles
Ruffles Ruffles
Students from Ruffles Institution, Singapore, arrived at our school on the 24th.
Welcome Function was held during the lunch break. The chorus club of our school and the Ruffles students exchanged beautiful songs, followed by the welcome speech by the Vice Principal. The students are going to stay in Japan until the 28th.

Nov.25(Fri)Career Planning Lecture

Career Planning Lecture Career Planning Lecture
Mr. Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Professor of Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University, was invited to speak to us about his research on chimpanzees. The title of the lecture was gThe Power to Imagine.h

November 13` Nov. 17(Thu) Open Class Day

Open Class Day Open Class Day
Open Class Day Open Class Day
The second open class day of the year was held. The school, open to the public this day, was filled with the parents.

November 6` Nov. 6(Sun)Explanatory Meeting for the High School Entrance Exams

Explanatory Meeting Explanatory Meeting

Explanatory meeting for the high school entrance exams was held. Every year, volunteers from our students give a helping hand for the school. Although the meeting was held on Sunday, the students worked hard as receptionists and guides.

October 30` Nov. 5(Sat)Explanatory Meeting for the Junior High School Entrance Exams

A great number of people came to attend. Explanatory Meeting

Nov. 4(Fri)Mid-Term Exams Day 4
Nov. 2(Wed)Mid-Term Exams Day 3
Nov. 1(Tue) Mid-Term Exams Day 2
Oct. 31(Mon)Mid-Term Exams Day 1
October 23` Oct. 24(Mon)Elective subject seminar for Sr.1

Elective subject seminar for Sr.1 Students were given lectures on elective subjects starting the next school year.

Oct. 26(Wed)Chiba Prefecture, Association of Independent Schools Professional Development Session in Mathematics

The 23rd Annual Session in Mathematics was held in our school. Mathematics Session

October 16` Oct 22(Sat)Sr.2 Guidance
A guidance on college entrance exams was given to Sr.2 students. Four of our fomer students were invited to talk about their experiences. Sr.2 Guidance

October 9` Oct 9(Sun)`14(Fri) ^ Oct 10(Mon)`15(Sat)Sr.2 China Trip

Oct 11(Tue), 12(Wed)School Trip Inaugural Meetings

Oct 12(Wed)`15(Sat)Jr. 3: Nara Trip

Oct 13(Thu)`15(Sat)Jr. 1: Minamiboso Trip / Jr. 2: Nagahama Trip / Sr. 1: Hiroshima Trip
Minamiboso TripP Minamiboso TripQ These are pictures of Jr. 1 Minamiboso trip. Students followed the rules they made themselves and enjoyed the trip.

Hiroshima TripP Hiroshima TripQ Pictures of Hiroshima Trip

Oct 13(Thu)Sr. 3 Regular Classes@@Oct14(Fri), 15(Sat)Sr.3 Mock Trial Exams
Sr. 3 Regular ClassesP Sr. 3 Regular ClassesQ Sr. 3 Regular ClassesR
Sr.3 Mock Trial Exams With all the students except Sr. 3 gone to their school trips, Sr. 3 students took advantage of the opportunity of playing on the playground.
They took mock trial exams while all the other graders were away.
October 2` Jr.1 Minamiboso Trip Meeting

Jr.1 Minamiboso Trip Meeting
Jr. 1 students have had a number of meetings to prepare for their first three-day trip to Minamiboso.

September 25` Oct 1(Sat)New Zealand Exchange Farewell Ceremony

New Zealand Farewell Ceremony 
New Zealand Farewell Ceremony New Zealand Farewell Ceremony
New Zealand Farewell Ceremony New Zealand Farewell Ceremony New Zealand Farewell Ceremony
All the JHS studnets got together to have the ceremony for NZ students. They flew back home after the ceremony.

Sep 29(Thu)A Ground-breaking Ceremony for Our New School Library

For the 30th anniversary of the school, our school library will be rebuilt. A ground-breaking ceremony was held in preparation for the construction of the building. Ground-breaking Ceremony

September 18` Sep 24(Sat)Guidance of Short-term Overseas Trips

Guidance of Short-term Overseas Trips Guidance of Short-term Overseas Trips
Guidance of Short-term Overseas Trips Guidance of Short-term Overseas Trips
Our school has short-term overseas trip programs for Singapore, Vietnam, China, and the U.K. The students who participated in one of these programs made presentations.

Sep 19(Mon)New Zealand Students Arrived

NZ Students The New Zealand students arrived. While they stay with their host families, they will experience a number of activities. This picture was taken when they participated in an art class.
Due to the arrival of a typhoon our welcome ceremony was canceled.

September 11` Sep 11(Sun)Cultural Festival Day2

Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
The second day of the festival is open to the public. Our students kept busy all day, welcoming the visitors.

September 4` Sep 10(Sat)Cultural Festival Day1

Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Many visitors enjoyed exhibitions and performances prepared carefully by the students.

Sep 9(Fri)Cultural Festival Preparation
Sep 8(Thu)Cultural Festival Preparation

Cultural Festival Preparation
After these two days, the school is fully ready for the cultural festival.

September 1` Sep 3(Sat)Sr.3 Guidance

Sr.3 Guidance Sr.3 Guidance
This guidance was held for the Sr.3 students. They learned how to apply for college entrance exams. They also learned how to fill out the form of National Center Test for University Admissions.

Sep 1(Thu)Opening Ceremony / Summer Assignment Review Test

Our principal Mr. Tamura told the students what this year means to everyone and that they should live well each day so that they will be able to be proud of themselves 50 years from now, when they look back on their school days. Afterwards, prizes were given to students who performed well on their club activities.
Opening CeremonyP Opening CeremonyQ
Opening CeremonyR Opening CeremonyS
Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony

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