Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

@ `@@The 2nd Term, 2013@@`
PQ/X` 12/13(FrijClassroom during the exam(junior 1)
From December 9th, we have 2nd term end-of-term test. After the test, Christmas will soon comeI

PQ/Q` 12/3(TuejJunior 2 the lecture on energy
We invited a lecturer from Tokyo Gas company and he gave the students a lecture about energy and environmental issues on 11/26iThujand 12/3iTuej.

PP/QT` 11/30(SatjThe guidance for medical career
Students who are interested in the medical work had a chance to talk with a doctor, a nurse, and medical course students. The graduate planned it.

11/28(ThujJunior 3 mock trial
Junir 3 students had mock trial. They performed like a real lawyerAprosecuter and so on. They experienced a trial, supported by a real lawyer.

PP/PW` 11/18(MonjIn front of the auditorium
We will have Christmas in a month. Students decorated the garden in front of the auditorium with many lights in Christmas way. We will have end-of-term exam before Christmas.

PP/PP` 11/15(FrijCareer Planning Lecture
Career Planning Lecture was held for Junior 3, Sunior 1&2 students. The president of Mitsubishi general trading company came to our school to give a lecture about skills needed for the global world.

11/14(ThujOpen class day

PP/S` 11/10iSunjExplanatory Meeting for the High School Entrance Exams
11/9  (SatjExplanatory Meeting for the Junior High School Entrance Exams

The picture shows Explanatory Meeting for the Junior High School Entrance Exams. Many people came to get information.
PO/QW` 11/1iTuejA lecture on various careers

This year, we invited the man from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He gave a talk on how to work for an international organization.

10/29iTuejthe 30th anniversary ceremony

The 30th anniversary ceremony was held.It was raining, but many guests came to attend the ceremony.

10/28iMonjThe unveiling ceremony for a bronze statue of the principal

As one of the 30th anniversary events, the bronze statue of our principal has come to our school. And unveiling ceremony was held.
PO/QP` 10/21iMonjScene of student's coming to school

It has been colder and colder lately. The period of summer clothes has finished. Students will feel winter by putting on their winter clothes.
PO/PS` 10/19iWedjSenior 2, guidance for college life and entrance examination

The four graduates were invited and gave some information on their campus life and their studies.
PO/V` 10/9iWedjIn augural meeting for school tripiJunior 1&2, Senior 1j

Words from a principal

Words from Junior 1 student

Words from Junior 2 student

Words from Senior 1 student
An inaugural meeting for school trip was held.
In a words from a principal, stuents understood the importance of cooperation.
X/RO` 10/5iFrijPreparation for the school trip

Preparation for the school trip Next week, students will go to each destinations as their school trip. The picture shows the preparation for it.
9/24` 9/28iFrijFarewell Ceremony for the students from NZ

Farewell Ceremony for NZ students Farewell Ceremony for NZ students
The exchange program for NZ students has finished. This was good experience for both students.

9/24iTuejWelcoming ceremony for RI school students from Singapore

 Welcoming ceremony for RI students Welcoming ceremony for RI students
The students from RI school in Singapore came to ouf school and had stayed for a week.
The picture shows the welcoming ceremony for them.
9/16` 9/18iWedjWelcoming ceremony for NZ students

NZ Students from New Zealand have arrived. During the two-week stay, they will enjoy sightseeing and experienceing Japanese school life here at Makuhari. The students of Junior high karate club put on a performance. And the students from NZ sang a song and showed us a dance famous as haka.
9/9` 9/15iSunjThe second day of cultural festival
9/14iSatjThe first day of cultural festival

Junior 1

Senior 1

Junior 2

Senior 2
Junior 3
Senior 3
Though typoon was coming, it was cloudy. And over ten thousand people came. @@@@@@@

9/12iThujA13iFrijPreparing for cultural festival

Junior high preparing day

High school preparing day
On the 12 and 13 of September, students prepared for the cultural festival all day.
They tried their best to make cooperate.

9/2` 9/2iMonjOpening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony High school awarded students
Junior high awarded students Opening ceremonies for Junior high and High school students were held at auditorium. Many students did well in their club activities during summer vacation. So they were awarded.

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