Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

  〜  The 3rd Term, 2013  〜
3/10〜 3/14(Fri)Conference through the Internet about development of world cultural heritage, "Cambodia, Preah Vihear district"

Held by PVAJ: Association Japan
 The 7th members of PVAJ came to our school and gave some imformation and, our school and Department of Tourism Development for Preah Vihea had a conference through the Internet.

3/14(Fri)UK / Singapore Trip Inaugural Meeting

UK / Singapore Trip Inaugural Meeting was held. The students who were going to go to Singapore and UK were mainly Senior 1 students.
UK trip is from 3/14 to 4/1, and Singapore trip is from 3/20 to 3/29.

3/11(Tue)End-of-year test

Excepet for Junior 3 and Senior 3 students, students would have end-of-year test.
We hope they would do their best.

3/10(Mon)Students preparing for end-of-year test

End-of-year test has started.
This is the last test for the year.
We wish students will do their best

3/3〜 3/7(Fri)Junior 3 students preparing for end-of-year test

   Students will have end-of-year test next week. We can see students studying everywhere in the school.

Junior high
Junior high students memorize the sentence in the textbook and teachers check their memory.

High school
The S1 students gathered and studied together for physics.
If they find something they don't know, they teach each other, or ask teachers.

2/24〜 3/1(Sat)Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony was held. We hope that students will reach their goals with what they have learned in this school!
Congratulations on graduaion.

2/25(Tue)School Foundation Memorial Lecture

School Foundation Memorial Lecture was held. Sen Genshitsu, who is the former head of Ura Senke of the tea ceremony and a good will ambassador of UNESCO came to school. He gave us a lecture about the " the heart of a bowl of tea".

2/17〜 2/22(Sat)Guidance by the graduates in University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics / Medical or Pharmaceutical school

Special Lecture from University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics

The graduates who study at University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics came to school and give some advice and held a workshop. They led the students skillfully, so students discussed keenly.
Guidance for the students who wish to go to Medical or Pharmaceutical school

The graduates who are in the medical or pharmaceutical fields came to school to give some advice.

2/20(Thu)Junior High Student Government Election

Junior High Student Government Election was held. Candidates were feeling nervous but they made good speeches.

2/19(Wed)Junior High Choir Concert

Junior High Choir Concert was held.

 Winner   3-7 ""Nadukerareta-ha"
 2nd prize 3-2 "Kikoeru"
 3rd prize    3-3 "Niji"
■<Prize in the 1st grade>
  1st prize 1-5 "Tabidati no hi ni"
   2nd prize   1-4 "With You Smile"
  3rd prize   1-6 "Kagayaku tameni"
 <Prize in the 2nd grade>
  1st prize 2-7 "Morudau"
   2nd prize   2-8 "Toki wo koete"
  3rd prize   2-9 "Atarashii Sekai he"


2/10〜 2/14(Fri)School in a snowy day Part.2

It started snowing in the afternoon. The snow had been left on the street for a week,
when students came to school,
please be careful not to slip.

2/10(Mon)School in a snowy day Part.1

From 2/8 to 2/9 in the morning, because of the quickly developed low pressure system,
it was snowing. We got over 20 centimeters of snow.

Volunteer students of track and field club removed the snow on the street.
Thank you.

2/3〜 2/4(Tue)Secondary school students from the State of Brunei Darussalam came to our school

Secondary school students from the State of Brunei Darussalam came to our school to integrated program of UNESCO.
The picture shows the presentation of ESD activities and exchanging ideas.

1/27〜 2/2(Sun)Second entrance exam for Junior high

We had second entrance exam for Junior high school.

1/27(Mon)Yuetan school farewell ceremony

We had farewell ceremony for the students from Yuertan high school.
Our students and students from Yuetan had good time for knowing each other and they have learned a lot about Japanese culture.

1/20〜 1/25(Sat)Junior 3&Senior1 Meeting for parents

We had meeting for parents for J3 & S1 parents.

1/22(Wed)First junior high entrance exam

We had the first junior high entrance exam. In some places in Chiba, it snowed a little.
The snow didn't cause the public transportation, and we had exam as we had planned.

1/21(Tue)Welcome ceremony for Yuetan Middle School students

The students from Yuetan Middle School came to our school. They stayed with Japanese students' familiy.
The picture shows that ceremony.

1/20(Mon)Entrance exam for junior high returnee students

1/13〜 1/19(Sun)First high school entrance exam

We had the first high school entrance exam.

1/16(Thu)Junior 3 the lecture given by the principal

The picture showed the lecture given by the principal.They will be able to listen to his lecture as junior high students once more. We hope they can prepare for the high school by reviewing his lectures.
1/7〜 1/7(Mon)Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony
for high school students
Opening ceremony
for junior high students
An award ceremony for junior high
Opening ceremony was held. The principal told the students that to decide what they would do was very important.

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