Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior & Junior High School

@ `@@Term 1, 2014@@`
6/25iWedjMemorial Concert

We had Memorial Concert for Junior 2 and Senior 2 students as usual. In this concert, the student in our school always plays as a soloist accompamied by an orchestra.
Memorial Concert Memorial Concert
6/18iWedjOpen Class day
e-education seminor for parents
We had open class day. So many parents came school to see the class.
THe picture shows e-education seminor for parents.

P.E. class

Junior high students played soccer in the P.E. class.
P.E. class

6/2`3Sport Fetstival

We had "Sport Festival" for 2 days.
the words from student council
bsketball volleyball
bread eating race
cheer exchange

5/28iWedjStudents in lunch time break
practice for sport festival
Students were preparing for the sport festival next week, practicing with friends.
Roses are in bloom

The roses in the school are in beautiful bloom.
roses in the school roses in the school
roses in the school roses in the school
roses in the school roses in the school

From 5/19 to 5/23, students had mid-term tesst.
5/17 iSatjHigh school students Body Assembly
High school students Body Assembly High School Student Body Assembly was held in the auditorium, approving the budgets.

5/15 iThujJunior High students Body Assembly
Junior High students Body Assembly Junior High Student Body Assembly was held. All the junior high students attended the assembly, approving the budgets.
5/8iThujOpening Ceremony of the Extracurricular Courses for Foreign Languages
Opening Ceremony of the Extracurricular Courses for Foreign Languages
Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Korean will be taught this year. Students will be divided into levels and learn one of these languages with their interst.
4/28iMonjPE class
PE class
Students played soccer in their PE class.
4/22 i΁jEvacuation drill

We had an evacuation drill.
Evacuation drill Evacuation drill
4/17 iThujlunch time break in the schoolyard
lunch time break in the school yard
All welcoming events have finished, and all students in the school have started to have ordinary school days. Many students play with friends in the schoolyard.
4/11 iFrijJr.High Freshmen Welcome Assembly
Jr.High Freshmen Welcome Assembly
Jr.High Freshmen Welcome Assembly was held. Senior students tried very hard to have freshman to know about their activities.

4/10 iThujHigh school Freshmen Welcome Assembly
High school Freshmen Welcome Assembly
Same as junior high, welcome assembly was held.

Junior 1, guidance for the school life
To let the new students get used to the life in Shibumaku, junior high freshman had the guidance about the school.

4/ 7iMonjPMFThe Entrance ceremony at auditorium
The entrance ceremony The entrance ceeremonyiauditoriumj
The Entrance ceremony was held at auditorium. Many guests came and gave some speech.

AMFOpening ceremonyigymj
Opening ceremony at gym Opening ceremony was held for Junior high & high school students. New teachers were introduced to the students.

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