Shibu-Maku Creates Options: Overseas Universities

Applying to university is the culmination of our students’ journey through Shibu-Maku. We understand that not everyone knows exactly what they want to study in university or which university they would like to attend, which is why we strive to give our students options. Every year, some of our students choose the option of applying to overseas universities. Like all of our students, these students are fully supported by our staff, including a dedicated team of guidance counselors with specialized knowledge in choosing and applying to overseas universities.
Choosing the university that best fits each person and completing the application process requires our students to be Self-Thinking and have Self-Awareness. They have to know themselves to be able to choose the best environment in which to pursue their undergraduate studies. Additionally, the students and their parents need quality information to make informed decisions. Our guidance counselors provide this information via the Shibu-Maku University Application Textbook and Workbook; by working with our students from their first year of high school (Grade 10); being accessible to students and parents; and through various information sessions during the school year.
At the end of June, we hold an information session about the experience of studying at overseas universities. Shibu-Maku graduates that are either currently studying at or have graduated from overseas universities discuss their experiences and answers questions. During the first part of July, we host an information session regarding the process of applying to overseas universities. At this session, recent graduates preparing to begin university overseas share their experience applying to university and answer questions.
Shibu-Maku students also benefit from frequent school visits by admissions officers of various universities. These visits allow our students to personally connect with representatives from a wide range of universities. At the same time, it allows the admissions officers to gain a fuller understanding of the rigorous academics here at Shibu-Maku and the outstanding character and capabilities of our.
We regularly send students to top universities including: Boston College, Columbia University, Cornell University, New York University, Pomona College, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, Williams College, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Sydney, Charles University, and McGill University.



 また、多くの海外大学Admission Officer(AO)が来校し、生徒が直接相談できる機会が設けられています。この訪問は生徒が情報を収集できるだけでなく、AOに本校生徒の能力や学問に対する真摯さ、独自のスクールカラーを認識いただく絶好の機会となっています。