2022 Introduction to Overseas College Guidance

On Saturday, June 25, the Overseas College Guidance program hosted its annual information session for students and parents. Over 300 people attended this event to learn more about the option of attending an overseas college or university. In addition to Mr. Toyoshima’s and Mr. Crosiar’s presentations, three of our graduates gave presentations. A discussion panel with six of our graduates followed the presentations.
Principal Tamura opened the information session with warm greetings and best wishes to the attendees. After Principal Tamura’s opening remarks, Mr. Crosiar gave his presentation. Mr. Crosiar began with a brief overview of the application process to American college and universities. He then highlighted the support ShibuMaku provides to students applying to overseas universities and discussed the cost of applying to and attending post-secondary schools in the US. Mr. Crosiar finished with a summary of applications to schools in Australia, Canada, and the UK. After Mr. Crosiar’s presentation, Mr. Toyoshima gave a presentation focused on scholarships available to our students from Japanese foundations.
Mr. Toyoshima’s presentation was followed by presentations from three of our graduates. The first presenter, a non-Returnee student, graduated with the Class of 2022 (37期) and will begin studying at Lake Forest College in the US this fall. This presenter began by discussing her motivation for studying at an overseas university. She then provided advice on how non-Returnee students can best prepare for and complete applications to overseas universities.
The second and third presenters both graduated with the Class of 2021 (36期). The second presenter is currently studying at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She discussed school life at a British university and the application process to schools in the UK. The third presenter is currently studying at Brown University in the US. She gave a presentation about life at a US university and how to choose a school to which to apply for Early Decision.
At the conclusion of the presentations, three additional ShibuMaku graduates joined the student-presenters on stage for a panel discussion. A graduate of the Class of 2020 (35k期), and current student at the University of Chicago, acted as moderator. The other two panelist graduated with the Class of 2021 (36期). One is a current student at the University of Pennsylvania, and the other currently attends Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All six of the panelist provided invaluable insight into their experiences applying to and studying at overseas schools.
Thanks to our graduate students who gave presentations and participated in the panel discussion, this year’s information session was very useful to our community. We are very grateful to all of the presenters and attendees, and are looking forward to next year’s information session.