Overseas College Guidance: A Conversation with Successful Applicants

On Saturday, May 30, the Overseas College Guidance department hosted our annual information session about studying at overseas universities. This year the information session was held online, and was ShibuMaku’s first-ever online event. It was a great success. Holding this information session online not only allowed us to ensure the safety of our students and their parents by maintaining social distancing guidelines, but also allowed for greater participation than a live event.

Four of our graduates, three Returnees and one non-Returnee, joined us to share their experiences in a conversational format. Two of them will be starting their third years at schools in the United States. One is double majoring in Journalism and International Studies at Pepperdine University, and the other is majoring in Applied Psychology & Human Development at Boston College. Of the other two, one will be entering the University of Chicago undeclared this fall, and the other has chosen to attend Tokyo University.

Thanks to these four, our students were able to learn about studying for and taking the SAT and ACT; extracurricular activities, both in high school and at university; studying English; and, factors to consider when choosing universities to which to apply. We look forward to hearing from them again in the future.