The first step to Overseas Colleges

On Monday, January 27th, the Overseas College Guidance department held its annual information session for students in Grades 9 and 10. During this session, Mr. Crosiar introduced our students to the process of preparing to apply to overseas universities. Since most overseas universities consider applicants’ academic records and extra-curricular activities over four years, it is important that our students begin building competitive applications in Grade 9.
Mr. Crosiar introduced our students to the ShibuMaku Overseas College Guidance Textbook and Workbook. These tools are essential in our students’ preparation for applying to overseas universities. Our textbook provides our students with information regarding the different university systems around the world, such as the application requirements and the important factors schools consider when reviewing applications. Our workbook allows our students to keep track of their academic and extra-curricular activities so they can easily ensure they are on the correct path to entering an overseas university and are able to accurately describe their school experience on their applications.
Our students also learned about the concrete steps they can take in Grades 9 and 10 that will allow them to write strong applications in Grade 12. Mr. Crosiar discussed the various standardized tests and how our students can begin preparing for them. He also informed our students about how to choose extra-curricular activities that will allow our students to discover their academic interests and demonstrate their potential. In closing, Mr. Crosiar encouraged our students to begin thinking about what and where they would like to study.

 今回の説明会には中学3年と高校1年の23名の生徒が集まり、海外大学進学相談室担当者の説明(当然All English)を熱心に聞き入りました。説明会では、海外大学受験を考えるうえで中3から始めておいたほうがいいこと、高1でやっておくべきこと、ACT、SAT等の対策、(先生方が)推薦状を書くにあたっての進め方、ファイナンスの問題、など基本的な知識や準備方法についての説明がありました。この説明会に参加するだけでも、海外大学進学希望の生徒にとっては大きなアドバンテージになると思います。本校は、今後も海外大学進学支援の取り組みを一層強化していきます。