June 22nd, Overseas College Guidance Information Session: Exploring Options

On June 22, the Overseas College Guidance program held its annual information session about attending university abroad. Approximately 300 students and parents gathered for this event. The Overseas College Guidance program started by providing attendees with a brief overview of the process for applying to foreign universities and offered advice on preparing for applications. This was followed by presentations from five Shibu-Maku alumni who are currently attending foreign universities or have graduate therefrom. We finished with a questions and answers session.

Speaking first was a current student of journalism at Pepperdine University. He spoke about attending a religious school and the different types of financial aid schools provide. The second speaker studies computer science at Smith College. She discussed life at a traditionally women’s liberal arts college. Speaking third was a student currently studying computer science and theater at Pomona College. She presented about attending a liberal arts college.

The fourth speaker received his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in economics and math from the University of Toronto and is currently a Research Professional at the University of Chicago. He talked about applying to university in Canada, life in Canada, and pursuing his master’s degree and PhD.

The final speaker graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in computer science and currently works for Amazon Japan. He discussed how the skills he learned at Georgia Tech helped him secure his position with Amazon and continue to benefit him in his career.

Thanks to these guest speakers sharing their experiences, the attendees better understand the option Shibu-Maku provides our students of attending foreign universities. The Overseas College Guidance program hopes you seriously consider this option for your tertiary studies.