Food Drive Activity by SDG’s Project

While Japan enjoys many of the luxuries of a first world country, there are still some people who struggle to afford the basics. Chiba’s kodomo shokudos or “children’s cafeterias” are privately run, government supported organizations that offer these groups support through the creation of personal networks, the provision of free meals and by creating places where they feel welcomed. Shibuya Makuhari (’s SDGs Project Club) has been supporting these activities and organizations through its regular Food Drive activities. Run over 1-week collection periods, 2-3 times a year, students collect food items from classmates and teachers, filling boxes and boxes with food that does make a real difference in the lives of these needy families and children. Our latest activity, run in early November, collected over 30kgs of food.
All of this was delivered to the Tsuga no kodomo shokudo in Tsuga.
Our next food drive will happen in the new year. Each time, the experience is a good reminder to us that there are people out there who are not as fortunate or lucky as we are and that little gestures can make a lot of difference in their lives.